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  • KEEP YOUR AUTOMOBILE SEATS IN GOOD CONDITION: Some dogs get crazy during car rides. They jump from one window to the other and slide on the back seat of the car. This can damage and wear the seat upholstery out. Unless you install the scratchproof Pet Seat Cover, which will save your car seats from scratches and attrition.
  • THICK AND WATERPROOF: The best feature of the Dog or Cat Car Seat Cover is its waterproof fabric. If during long rides your pet can’t control its bladder, the urine will not soak and pass through the Seat Cover Protection. So all you have to do is unbuckle it, wash it and put it back in the car. There will be no bad smells left behind anymore.
  • THE MOST DURABLE MATERIALS: The Pet Seat Covers are made of a combination of cotton and polyester and a very strong stitching. The clips that keep it secure are also very strong, made of unbreakable plastic. As for the fabric, nothing can rip it or pierce it. There is nothing about this Pet Seat Cover than is not heavy end and long-lasting.
  • IT FITS ALL SEATS PERFECTLY: The Car Seat Covers for Dogs have a very smart design. It will fit perfectly and cover all of the back seat of your car, SUV or truck and secure firmly. It even has openings for the seat belts and can be set like a hammock so that your little dog or cat won’t fall off the seats. It is Extra Large and has dimensions of 58″ x 54″. However you choose to install it, the Cover will always stay in place.
  • HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: It is extremely easy to install the Pet Seat Cover in your car. The adjustable clips and straps wrap around the head rests and the car seat anchors. Once you buckle the clips, the Pet Cover Seat is firmly secured and stable. Of course, it is just as easy to remove when you need to wash it.

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Petection Has Created The Practical Pet Seat Cover

You can now protect your car upholstery from the nails of your pet during car rides. This is what Pet Seat Cover what made for.

Strap the full-length Pet Seat Cover to the back seat of your car and save the Seats from scratches and filth.

So let your dog or cat or bunny enjoy the ride and stop worrying about damages, dirt, urine and stains.

Heavy Duty Materials With Special Characteristics

This is the most durable Pet Seat Cover that you will find. It is made from polyester and it is padded for extra comfort.

The Seat Cover is also waterproof and nothing can pass through it and wet the car seats as well.

It is also scratchproof and anti-slip so your dog or cat won’t slide on it when taking a sudden turn, and the fabric won’t get scratched by its nails.

The Dogs Seat Cover Is Very Easy To Install

The Car Pet Seat Cover is big, but don’t let its size scare you. It is actually very easy to handle and install.

The clips and straps are smartly positioned to wrap around the headrests. Once you buckle the clips, the Seat Cover is secured.

You can either just cover the seats, or you can put unfold the Cover and put it as a Hammock. Your dogs will be safe in there.

Complete Customer Satisfaction Or Your Money Back

The Pet Seat Cover is very practical and will definitely come in handy if you have a pet that you often take with you in the car.

We are 100% sure that you will love it and that it will make your car rides easier and cleaner.

However, if for the slightest reason you are not satisfied, simply contact us and we will give you your money back!

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