2 Pack Hanging Fruit Hammock


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Brand: Nomnu

Color: Beige


  • 2-PACK OF UNRAVEL-PROOF FRUIT HAMMOCKS. Made using 100% cotton material with a knitting technique that results in a very strong produce storage holder and will not unravel easily.
  • YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES DESERVE A GOOD LOOKING HAMMOCK. If you are tired of not having enough counter space on your kitchen these are the fruit hammocks for you!
  • HANG IT FROM CABINET HANDLES OR UNDER KITCHEN CABINETS. This vegetable hammock come ready to hang and are perfect to put bananas, onions, or any other fruit or veggie you want.
  • DON’T YOU HATE BRUISED BANANAS?? We did as well, but this beauty really solved that problem. It can fit 10-12 Fruits. Example: 3 bananas, 3 apples, 3 clementines, and 2 avocados. This quantities can vary, have in mind that it will depend on the size of your goodies.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: – 2 Fruit Hammocks – 4 screw-in hangers. Wash this fruit holder with mild soap and cold water, then dry at room temperature. Do not use dryer.

Details: Are you looking for something to store your fruits and vegetables without taking up much counter space and to keep them in good condition while looking awesome?!
Are you searching the perfect addition for your mini kitchen, campervan or boat kitchen?

This unravel proof hammocks are going to be great for your fruit and vegetable storage, taking up to 0 counter space and maintaining your fruits and vegetables in perfect conditions.
We know fruit baskets are very trending as well as macrame decor and we love it as well so we think this banana hammocks or veggie hammocks will rock your kitchen!.
City life? Suburb life? These fruit hammocks can work in any conditions… after all, who doesn’t want to save space now a days with all the kitchen gadgets we have!


Package includes:
– 2 Fruit Hammocks
– 4 screw in hangers (You can use these to hang them under the cabinet or you can hang them from the cabinet handles)

SIZE: 15.75″ inches Long x 8.5″ inches Wide. Material: Cotton

EAN: 0860001685480

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.3 x 2.5 inches

Weight 0.3 kg

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