TreePod FAQ: All Your Instant Portable Treehouse Questions Answered

Congratulations you have discovered a whole new way to hang out! The TreePod is a wonderful alternative to traditional hammocks that your kids will be sure to enjoy. 

If you still are on the fence about purchasing one you probably have some questions and we'll be glad to answer them. If we missed your question just contact us and we'll respond within 24 hours.



How big is the TreePod?

  • Dimensions - 5ft diameter x 7.5ft high

How do I set up the TreePod? 

The TreePod comes with everything you need to hang it up from a tree or central anchor point/beam. Here is a quick video on it:

How many children can fit inside the TreePod TreeHouse?

  • 2 to 4 children ages 6+ can fit inside the TeePod comfortably and have fun! 

How heavy is the TreePod?

  • Weight - 12lbs

How high up can I hang my TreePod?

  • Hang with door no higher than 4ft from the ground

Is the TreePod made up of a material that allows it to be left hung outside in the sun and rain or would it need to be rehung each use?

  • The TreePod is built like a rugged outdoor camping tent so it's weather resistant but shouldn't be left outside for extended periods if you want it to last. Extensive exposure to UV and the elements will ultimately wear it down and fade the colors as with anything left in the sun.

Does the TreePod come with mesh screens or mosquito netting? 

  • This version of the TreePod just comes with the solid closing door, and two mesh windows on the sides. There may be models in the future with different types of mesh screens and other upgrades for a higher price, although nothing like that is coming soon. Hope this helps! 

    Does the TreePod have to be tethered down or can it swing free? 

    • We do not recommend it's use as a swinging toy as it can be dangerous. We suggest keeping it tethered at all times. 

    Does it come with a TreePod Stand as well?

    • The TreePod Tripod stand is available for purchase on our site. 

    Can the TreePod be used for camping. How is the bottom supported? Is the bottom flat enough for sleeping?

    • The bottom is taut fabric, but only 5ft in diameter so not long enough for an adult to lay down. 

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