Tentsile Tree Tents: FAQ: All your Tree Tent Questions Answered

Q: What is the best Tentsile Tree Tent

A: It depends on how many adventurers are in your party, how light you want your Tree Tent to be and of course your budget! 

Download the Tentsile Tree Tent Comparison Chart to see which one works best for you and your hammock homies!

Q: My Tentsile Tree Tent got ripped, damaged and I need help repairing it. 

A: Tree Tents will rip, tear and have issues with normal use in the outdoors, The Tentsile Tree Tent repair program was created to help you reduce waste an ensure you get the most out of your Tree Tent! You can buy a repair kit from our site but if there is significant damage please follow the steps below:

1. Download and print this Tentsile Tree Tent Repair/Return Form.

2. Download the drawings for your model Tree Tent: 

3. Email the completed forms to FixIt@Tentsile.com and wait for next steps! 

Q. What are the main differences between the Stingray and the Vista?

A. The Vista Tree Tent's top is completely removable, the Fly Tarp and Insect mesh unclip from the floor and there are 4 entry points.

The Stingray Tree Tent has an attached insect mesh and has 2 entry points. It is better for all weather camping.

Q: Where do you ship Tentsile Tree Tents to?

A. We ship worldwide which means if you can get your post you will be able to get your tent. This excludes Antarctica and residential addresses in Russia that are outside of the Moscow area.

Q: How much does Tentsile Tree Tent shipping cost to my country, are there any additional shipping charges I should be aware about?

A. Shipping is charged at a local rates, sent from London, Utah and China! If you are in the USA, Canada, the EU, or Australia you don't need to worry about additional charges. Some other countries the import duties can be quite high for instance Brazil.

Q. How much weight will the Tree Tents hold?

A. 400kg/880lbs for the larger tree tent models, 220kg / 485lbs for Tmini Hammock and Flite Tree Tent

Q. What is the minimum and maximum distance Tentsile Tree Tents needs between trees to be set up comfortably? 

A. The minimum distance needed is 1 Tentsile + 2 ratchets. The maximum is only limited by the length and number of your ratchet straps. Tentsile Tree Tents include long straps (6m/19ft) so the maximum is about (14m/42ft. This is normally enough but if you need more, buy extra strap.

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