Welcome to Hammock Town! 

 We were founded by hammock lovers just like yourself, you can read more about us here. We believe that a Hammock a day can keep the doctor away. 

Seriously, take the 15 minute a day Hammock Challenge for 30 days. We guarantee that you will feel better, have more energy and experience reduced stress levels in a utopia of relaxation.

We love the beach and we love camping, constantly switching between traditional rope and hand made hammocks to lightweight parachute hammocks to accompany us on our adventures we set out to create a site to keep the most renowned hammock connoisseurs intrigued.

Hammock Town Mission

Our belief is simple, there should be hammocks everywhere. Imagine a world where park benches don't exists because there are hammocks in it's a place. A world where everyone is constantly relaxed.

So we want to share that vision with you, every hammock purchased depending on the time will help make the world a better place. If you purchase a traditional hand-spun hammock you will contribute to conserving the ocean. Should you decide to take the lightweight route with a parachute camping hammock we will plant two trees in your name. (Yes more places to hang hammocks!)

If you are like us and you need both. We'll we have a surprise for visionaries like you my friend.


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