About Us

Hammock Town

Hey fellow hammock lovers. We thought you might want to put a face to the hammock. After laying in thousands of hammocks ourselves we wanted to share our experience with you. 

Each and every hammock on hammock town is tested for quality assurance. Yes that is exactly what you think it means, we nap on them. (It's a hard life)

We are actively seeking partnerships with Hammock Manufactures to cut out the middle men and deliver you the best hammock experience possible.

From camping parachute hammocks, to hand knit hammocks from Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean Island we support all hammocks and do not discriminate against material, size, color or purpose. 

We realize different folks prefer different hammock styles so we are working on a style guide to help you choose your ideal hammock. 

From lightweight backpacking, to creating a backyard oasis and perhaps your own hammock town inside a cafe or venue we will help fulfill your hammock needs.

We realize it's a crowded market and you have the chance to buy a hammock from a variety of stores so we are glad you chose us. We won't disappoint. 

As an extra thank you for choosing us for every hammock purchased on Hammock Town we will plant 2 tress in an American Forest in your name.

    The Hammock Town Founders


    Austin Bliss

    By day Austin works at recruiting some of the top IT talent in the nation, by night he is a hammock connoisseur. Earning his Eagle Scout badge from the Boy Scouts of America Austin has spent a quarter of his life sleeping in hammocks. 

    Some may know him as a model

    Maybe a fisherman

    Or perhaps a Quidditch player 

    Luiz Centenaro

    Luiz has worked in the eCommerce industry for half a decade and found that it's the small things that matter when it comes to eCommerce. He enjoys sharing eCommerce strategies on his personal blog LuizCentenaro.com.

    Some may know him as a bikini model

    Even a dog whisperer

    But you can be sure both Austin and Luiz love their hammocks.


















    Thanks for hammocking with us!