National Hammock Day: July 22nd 2017: Win FREE Hammocks New

When is National Hammock Day?

National Hammock Day also known as just Hammock Day is July 22nd of every year. This year National Hammock Day falls on Saturday July 22nd.

Hammock Day is the most relaxing day of the year and became recognized back in 2008 to celebrate relaxing during the dog days of summer that runs from July 3rd to August 11th.

July 22nd is the midway point of the dog days of summer thus Bob Matthews created this holiday to help us humans escape hectic lives and enjoy the little things, like hammocking.

National Hammock Day

What is is National Hammock Day?

National Hammock Day is a day to celebrate and enjoy life hammocking. We encourage you to hang out in a hammock everyday for at least 30 minutes but National Hammock Day you should celebrate relaxing as much as possible.

National Hammock Day

How do I Celebrate National Hammock Day?

  1. Well it’s pretty easy to celebrate
  2. Pitch up a hammock and relax
  3. If you don’t have a hammock you can get one at Hammock Town
  4. If you want to test your luck you can enter the Hammock Town National Hammock Day Contest

National Hammock Day

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