Lawson Hammock Tent Review New

The Lawson Hammock tent is unique as it’s known for its durability, especially in tough outdoor weather. As far as hammocks go, this is a perfect hammock tent for those beginner hikers who want a long-lasting but decently priced, hammock tent as their main means of protection from the mosquitos and rain.

Although it should be pointed out that if you’re over 6’3″ or weight more than 220lbs I wouldn’t recommend you buying this hammock because it’s not built for people that size.

As with any hammock it’s always recommended you take some insulation to prevent cold spots when the temperature drops at night. The Lawson doesn’t come with this insulation, but if you use a sleeping bag or foam pad then you’ll be fine.

Hammock Tent Pros:

  • Versatile & Unique, it looks like an alien hammock!
  • A Hammock Tent, it can be suspended in the air, or set up on the ground.
  • Great quality materials, Wes the manufacturer honors his warranty and replaces your product if you have issues.

Hammock Tent Cons:

  • Not made for the bigger folks, 250lb or 113kg weight limit.
  • Can flip over easily if you don’t know how to hang a spreader bar hammock.
  • Not ideal for lightweight backpacking.

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