How To Setup Your Cacoon Hammock [Video Instructions] New


You are the proud new owner of a Cacoon Hammock.

The first thing I did when I got mine was throw it in the washer for a full cycle, than let it dry naturally in the shade or indoors hung up on it’s aluminum ring!

You’ll want to read the instruction manual or watch these video tutorials about your Cacoon Hammock!

Setting Up Your Cacoon Hammock

Now that your Cacoon Hammock is set up, you’ll want to learn how to hang it up on your favorite trees.

Here are 5 more extraordinary places you can hang your Cacoon Hammock!

Once you are getting a lot of use from your Cacoon Hammock you might want to invest in Cacoon Mosquito Nets, or Cacoon Hammock Doors.

Do you have any Cacoon Hanging Chair related questions? Contact us and let us know!

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