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Do you live in the state of Florida?

We are from the Sunshine State too! We’ve lived in South Florida and Orlando and have traveled across some rad places in this great state.

Since we are based in Florida, we are legally required to collect sales taxes on hammocks purchased in Florida.

The State of Florida Department of Revenue currently requires us to collect a 6% sales tax in the state and certain counties such as Miami Dade County will add a percentage on top of that. Sometimes you’ll have the State, the county and the city charge you sales tax! Oh Boy…

Remember we aren’t keeping this money, we have to collect it by law and we pay it back to the state. Thanks to TaxJar we have a list of the 20 most populus cities in Florida and their combined Tax Rates with the States Tax.

Hammock Town Taxes Florida

Now that we have this Tax Talk out of the way. Discover some of the best places to hang a hammock in Florida!

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