Customer Happiness Coordinator & ECommerce Manager: Hammock Town Internship New


Hammock Town is hiring a Customer Happiness Coordinator & eCommerce Manager to lead the team in customer success excellence and managing the eCommerce workflow of the site from manufacturing to distribution and direct to consumer sales.

Hammock Town currently sees 20,000+ unique visitors to our hammock shop per month and the goal is to grow to over 50,000+ unique visitors by 2019. The Customer Happiness Coordinator & eCommerce Manager will be responsible for managing all customer and vendor communications and eCommerce operations.


This is an unpaid internship. This internship will prepare you to lead an eCommerce store and Customer Success Program. The internship contract runs for 1 year and will include a letter of recommendation and training + education.

You’ll learn:

  • How to manage customer success with our ticket dashboard, Helpscout
  • How to manage and fulfill orders, back orders, and incoming inventory on Shopify, Amazon, and other marketplaces.
  • How to identify trends and opportunities within the market
  • Social Customer Service through (Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterst, Google +, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Ello)


  • Be eager to learn, + ask tons of questions
  • Start developing a personal brand
  • Be available 10 hours per week
  • Be detail oriented and organized


Hammock Town has 2 main demographics/customer personas and the blog needs to be segmented to target each persona.

Persona 1:

Derek is an avid backpacker and hammocker, he needs the most lightweight equipment. Derek probably owns 1-3 hammocks and switches between them depending on how light he needs his backpack to be.

Derek might have switched from tent camping to hammock camping and now needs to invest in a hammock tarp, underquilt, mosquito net and other hammock gear. He might be known as a “Hammock Head”

Derek’s product mix might look like:

Persona 2:

Susan is a home decor enthusiast. She loves blending the outdoors and indoors and wants her family to spend more time outside.

Her husband is Derek and he loves to grill, they have 3 kids and a big backyard. Susan invests in unique outdoor furniture every couple years, she also loves to recommend products on Pinterest to her friends.

Susan’s product mix might look like:

To apply please email Hello [at] HammockTown.com following the instructions below:

    1. Subject line: [Your Name] Customer Happiness Coordinator & eCommerce Manager: Hammock Town Internship Application
    2. In 140 characters or less, describe what excellent customer service is.
    3. In 140 characters or less, describe what makes Hammock Town unique
    4. Include links to your social network profiles
    5. How would you respond to this customer. “I want a refund, I am very mad”
    6. How would you respond to this customer. “I love your products, I want to exchange my video services for your hammocks”
    7. How would you respond to this customer? “I want to be featured on the Hammock Town instagram” – See pic attached.
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