TreePod: Hanging Tree Houses aka Instant Portable Treehouses

Discover the TreePod, the ultimate space for kids to play and relax without any of the hassle, expense or commitment of a traditional tree house.

The TreePod team crafted a one-piece fabric pod with an aluminum frame that's quickly assembled. Your TreePod can be hung from any mature, healthy tree branch or wood/metal beam and you have yourself an instant treehouse. 

The TreePod's aluminum ring frames support the floor and spacious interior above to accommodate several kids. The durable fabric is fire-retardant, and treated to be UV and water-resistant.

TreePod Features: 

  • Double-sided zipper door to easily open and close
  • Mesh windows for ventilation and to keep out those pesky bugs
  • Storage pocket to hold your things
  • Central hanging loop for a lantern
  • Retractable ladder for easy access
  • Guy lines and stakes to secure in place and prevent tilting or spinning

TreePod Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 5ft diameter x 7.5ft high
  • Weight - 12lbs
  • Hang with door no higher than 4ft from the ground
  • Supports up to 400lbs with a 3X safety ratio
  • The TreePod is designed to be hung from a sturdy tree branch, but there will also be a stand for use indoors, on a deck or in a yard without trees. The metal stand will easily support 600lbs and measures 8ft x 8ft x 8ft.

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