Tentsile Tree Tents: Portable Tree Houses

Why Tentsile Tree Tents? Tentsile Tree Tents combines comfort & versatility of camping hammocks with the protection and social elements of camping tents.

Tentsile offers a variety of Tree Tents

Tentsiles' range of suspended camping shelters are impervious to wet, rocky and uneven ground conditions. All Tentsile tree tents are made to be suspended over the ground, but in dry conditions can also be pitched on the ground like a conventional tent.

tentsile tree tents

Unique Tree Tent Design:

The unique design provides comfortable and spacious accommodation in any environment. The Tentsile Stingray and Connect tree tents both come with a fully enclosed insect mesh roof (with opening doors) and removable rainfly sheets so you can enjoy the stars on a clear night! As our tents are designed to be suspended in tension, the tents are unaffected by topography or water, and they also provide increased separation from bugs, snakes and other, larger predators. 

The elegant structure comprises an adjustable frame of 2.5 tonne webbing straps, a micro insect mesh roof, and a UV resistant, PU-coated and waterproof polyester fabric fly. The webbing frame is held in tension at each of the three anchor points by being ratcheted tight while internal floor straps divide the space into individual hammocks.

All Tentsile tree tents provide shelter with no ecological footprint or environmental impact. We recommend that the tent is set up no higher than 1.2m/4 feet off the ground for ease of access and to minimise risk of injury. The Tentsile tree tents come with all the elements needed for instant set-up including an instruction manual.
Tentsile tree tents are adaptable for uses such as:

Tentsile plants 3 trees for every tree tent that you buy - in association with:

Eden Project  We Forest

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