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Sorbus™ was founded in 2010 to create an innovative, expanding line of kitchen tools that inspire users and serve a higher culinary purpose. The company began with small roots but has been rapidly growing and evolving with a goal centered on quality and affordability. Sorbus™ is now a large manufacturing business that specializes in kitchen utensils and accessories to improve your cooking and baking experience.
Sorbus™ continues to grow but always centers its vision, focus, and production on the highest quality products at the most affordable prices with an innovative edge. Inspired by what the kitchen can be with the right tools. These high quality items start with the best materials and we pride ourselves on the ability to manufacture these products at the lowest prices. We start with the highest quality materials on the market and go above and beyond to ensure that every piece is FDA-approved for food and BPA free so that you can always trust the safety of Sorbus™ products in your home. Our innovative designs are always led by their incredible ease of use and we base each design off of customer feedback and requests. We fully stand behind each item that we manufacture because we know that quality, safety, and durability are cornerstones of the kitchen.
Constant Innovation
There's always a better, easier, and safer way to do things and we’re dedicated to discovering it. Sorbus™ strives for constant innovation because we want to honor the countless hours that you spend in the kitchen. Sorbus™ scours the globe to create the best tools for your culinary workspace. We’ve introduced more than 20 new items in the past year alone with and we're not done yet We are currently focused on expanding the role of high-grade silicone in the kitchen and our impressive rate of repeat customers proves that Sorbus™ innovation does not stray from its roots.
Wholesale Inquiries
We welcome Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses to become our wholesale partners! In addition to our diverse line of products, we can also make custom orders to suit your unique market place. Sorbus™ serves the needs of customers around the world through partnership with corporations, retailers, and OEMs. All of our kitchen utensils, tools, and accessories stand apart with innovative, efficient designs with the highest level of manufacturing quality. Give the people what they want!
Customer Service
Sorbus™ is built by real people who have a passion for the brand and product innovation. We stand behind our products; but, more importantly, we stand for our customers. Our team will do whatever it takes for 100% 5-star satisfaction and a lifetime of Sorbus™ chefs. If you have questions or concerns relating to any of our products, please let us know and we will do our best to respond within 24-hours.

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