Sluice Hammocks: USA Made Hammocks

Sluice Hammocks is inspired by the gold miner’s sluice box, a tool utilized to collect gold the mineral that conquers all minerals. 

Sluice Hammocks Gold Box

The sluice box helps to seperate heaps of dirt from valuable gold which is then utilized around the world as a standard measure of prize. Sluice Hammocks guarantees that their USA made hammocks meet gold standard levels of comfort and quality. If you haven't yet discovered gold standard hammocking, Sluice Hammocks are the best hammocks gold can buy.

Each meticulous detail and part of the hammock is crafted to perfection. Sluice Hammocks carefully picked hammock components that work together to create a hammock package like none other. 

Sluice Hammocks has taken the general concept of a nylon parachute travel hammock and continues to innovate introducing new products and designs. 

To keep quality standards strict Sluice Hammocks insists on doing everything under one roof standing by their promise to release gold standard products into the wild. 

All Sluice Gear is designed, tested, and manufactured in the Sluice Hammocks Raleigh, NC factory aka the Sluicery. Within the walls of this hammock lab. Sluice fuses American creativity with universal comfort to create hammocks that will inspire adventure. 

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