Tentsile Small Ratchet & Strap Flite and T-Mini

Spare straps and ratchets are always useful. Whether you need them for a better angle on your set-up straps, or to replace worn and tired units, it is always handy to keep one up your sleeve! The Extender Straps have a long, unlooped tail end, attached directly to a ratchet. This is the perfect accessory for those longer spans and also for those times you need to set a corner hard up against a tree trunk. The Extender Strap is also available with our Weblock instead of a ratchet.



  • The Tentsile Ratchet and Spare Straps help outdoor enthusiasts create custom-made camps over hard, wet, rocky, and uneven terrain ground conditions - with zero footprint left behind!
  • Standard Ratchets and Spare Straps are compatible with Stingray, Vista, Connect and Trillium, while our smaller size is compatible with Flite+ and T-Mini—with both featuring long un-looped tail ends that attach directly to the ratchet for easy use.
  • Perfect for longer tree spans, setting hard corners against tree trunks and securing better alignment, our Ratchet and Spare Straps are a must-have camping accessory that are also ideal to have on hand to replace worn units.
  • Our heavy-duty industrial webbing straps measure 19 feet long and are made of powerful polyester that secures your Tree Tent and hammock in place to 3 strong trees—giving you a comfortable night’s sleep right over the cold hard ground.
  • Our Extender Straps are also available with a WebLock instead of a ratchet… Tentsile invents innovative camping equipment that helps you create visionary outdoor habitats—and we even plant 18 trees for every Tree Tent and hammock you buy!

Brand: Tentsile

Color: Orange


Package Dimensions: 14.7 x 7.2 x 6.7 inches