Globo Hammocks: Amazonas Hanging Chairs

Superior quality & particularly remarkable design make these beautiful hanging chairs a perfect addition to your backyard or as an indoor hammock chair. Heck the globo hanging chairs can even replace your couch if you are adventurous enough!

With an abundance of weatherproofed spruce wood the globo hanging chairs guarantee maximum stability and safety. Your “Globo Chairs” are all equipped with a huge soft cushion making it the perfect place to relax while reading a book, watching TV, or taking an afternoon siesta.

The Globo Chair's fabric is made of Agora from Tuvatextil, a high performance solution dyed acrylic fabric that is weather resistant, U/V resistant and stain resistant!

Want to know more or have a question about your Globo Hanging Chair? Check our the Amazonas FAQ and video page.