Flying Squirrel Outfitters: Hammocks Handmade in Thailand

Flying Squirrel Outfitters offers meticulously handcrafted hammocks for the socially conscious hanger. Our innovative hammocks are handmade in the very homes of the creators, priding ourselves on superior craftsmanship as a cottage-style vendor, using only premium materials with absolutely no mass factory production or child labor. None of our products come from the same few offshore factories and rebranded like many other hammocks on the market.

See this behind the scenes video of how FSO hand makes their hammocks!

We have a unique design that enables for quicker and much easier setup on the go, using a double barrel pouch with two openings on either end, allowing your hammock to never touch the ground while setting up and breaking down.

The pouch not only serves as the stuff sack but also as a fabric tensioner. The pouch is not attached to the hammock, allowing it to slide along the body to create fabric tension that gives you the ability to change the size of the hammock, allowing you to adjust your sitting position. You can create a hanging chair by pulling the pouch to the center of the hammock, which positions you more upright, which is easier for reading or working on your cpu. When reducing the excess fabric you create more visibility or the world and people around you. It’s the most consciously designed, and made, “mock on the block”! 

Watch the video to see how you can adjust your hammock!

The purchase of an FSO hammock helps to provide sustainable high wage jobs (130% above the garment industry average) for skilled seamstresses in Northern Thailand.

Now is the time to...."Take Flight, Give Back, Relax!"

“One way I judge quality is by looking at the "hidden" seams. Many hammocks that are cheaply built hide ragged edges and unfinished seams on the inside.FSO hammocks are nipped and tucked with every seam expertly finished.”

-Derek Hansen, author of The Ultimate Hang and Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping

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