Color Cloud Hammocks: Ethiopian Made Hammocks

Color Cloud Hammocks was founded October 2010 by three colorful amigas who share the love for adventuring and wandering from backyards to beautiful beaches.

Color Cloud Hammocks are not only Functional, they are also super Fashionable and Fair.

Functional: With an easy-to-hang rope and hook, you can set up your Color Cloud Hammock in minutes, each CC hammock features a book pocket to keep your iPhone, book, camera or iPad at hand while you take an afternoon siesta on a cloud.

Fashionable: With 6 popular color combinations in our new collection, our unique color combinations match every outdoor personality.

Fair: Every Color Cloud Hammock has been crafted in a family-owned local business in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, primarily employing women. We know it costs more to pay someone fairly to carefully create each Color Cloud but we believe that it is worth it. Color Cloud Hammocks to make the world a better place.

Color Cloud Hammocks carry a 1 year standard use warranty, and we will replace or repair any hammock which fails under manufacturing defects.

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