Klymit Hammock V Insulated Sleeping Pad


The Insulated Hammock V is the first air pad designed specifically for hammocks giving the sleeper 180 ̊ of insulation, significantly reducing the amount of lost body heat. Klymit’s signature body-mapping technology and strategically placed non-slip zones hold the Insulated Hammock V pad in place while you sleep. The form fitting design wraps the body to create a barrier that prevents cold from creeping in from the bottom or sides and the Klymalite insulation separates the top and bottom halves of the pad, isolating the cold air on the bottom while keeping the warm air next to your body. Lightweight and compact, the Insulated Hammock V is easy to pack and inflates faster than you can hang your hammock.


  • Hammock not included
  • Pack Size of 5" x 10"


Brand: Klymit

Color: Red

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.0 x 5.5 inches