Cacoon Hammocks: The Most Unique & Comfortable Hanging Chairs

Inspired by the beautifully stitched together hanging nests of the weaver bird. The cocoon hammock designers were inspired by the incredible birds nest structures in Mexico and by the time their flight landed in London, Cacoon Hammocks (Cocoon Hammocks) were born.

In the wild, cocoons create a safe bolthole in the jungle for the weaver bird, this is true with the modern cacoon hammock, where you can create your private oasis anywhere you want to hang it!

When you set up your Cacoon you’ll hidden and sheltered in your personal space, yet aware of the sounds and sights around. You can be cocooned alone, or with a loved one, in your own private world.

Any questions on setting up your Hanging Teepee Hammock can be answered on the Cacoon Hammock FAQ.

Choose from:

The Cacoon Tree Hammocks are unique and deliver a fun hanging experience for the whole family.

Video on Setting up Your Cacoon Hammock:

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