Brazilian Hammocks

Hammocks are very popular in Brazil and nearly every family home has this staple component in the yard, patio or porch. 

Brazilian hammocks are crafted from Brazilian cotton fabric and they are more durable than the string varieties. While Mayan and Nicaraguan hammocks have their own unique characteristics nothing compares to the comfortability of natural Brazilian cotton. Brazilian hammock’s comfort is less dependent on its construction and therefore less likely to vary as highly from manufacturer to manufacturer. (So they are all super comfortable) 

To differentiate if your Brazilian hammock was actually made in Brazil be on the lookout for words such as "Brazilian Style" hammock or ask the manufacturer where their hammocks are made and where do they source their cotton from.

Ever since I was a kid I've been sleeping and relaxing in Brazilian Hammocks. They have made me a better & more relaxed human being. - Luiz Cent

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