Banana Hammocks

Get Swinging With The Best Banana Hammocks On The Market

Banana hammock isn’t the typical hammock we sell on Hammocktown, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t fans of the product.

Banana hammocks are a type of underwear usually used by:

  • Individuals who are bodybuilders – used for photo opportunities and the posing routine part of the competition
  • Men that are swimmers – leisure as well as competitively
  • Individuals engaging in male exotic dancing
  • Sumo Wrestling – The Mawashi is used and is a larger version of the best banana hammocks
  • Male models showcasing the latest styles in underwear and swimwear
  • All around goofballs that want to show off their junk

The banana hammock, known as a thong in earlier days, was actually thought to be one of the first articles of clothing worn by men. It is believed that men used them to protect their private parts.

A great benefit of purchasing one of the best banana hammocks is knowing you can wear it as underwear or swimwear! Also known as a thong, G-string, or male bikini, you will find that banana hammocks come in many different colors and designs.

This website is committed to helping you find the most fitting, best banana hammocks for you. We at Hammocktown have gauged all aspects of the banana hammock and have chosen the most suitable banana hammocks to display for you in order to help you buy the best one.

Do you need the most effective and best banana hammocks to uphold your package down below? Fantastic looking banana hammocks will not only give you the support and flexibility you desire, the banana hammock will also increase the appearance of your package and give you a more charming look in the presence of onlookers.

Grab your banana hammock from to enjoy:

  • Versatility
  • A more sexy look
  • Great support
  • A more enhanced look "down there"

Regardless of if you are looking for a fun gift for a pal, or a proclamation piece for yourself, visiting is definitely a step in the proper direction.

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