New York’s Top 5 Majestic Hammocking Destinations

New York city is known for its fast paced lifestyle and concrete jungle, but how about getting to know it from the comfort of your own hammock, and in a variety of locations??

Lets start off with some lake fingers, and let us know your go-to spot in NYC!

1. Finger Lakes, Watkins Glen State Park

Watkins Glen State Park

Finger Lakes State Park has eroded into 11 finger lakes formed by the carvings of shale, limestone, and sandstone. All of which erode at different levels and rates forming breathtaking carvings and endless grounds to explore!

Pack your flying squirrel hammock and hike over the fairy tale scenery and let your imagination go wild…while your attempting to process the magical 400ft gorge. With an additional 18 waterfalls to visit, one can reach them all thanks to the guided tours, hiking trails, and spots to hang your go-to camping hammock!

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park

With 11 different hanging spots within, Brooklyn Bridge Park is an AWESOME location to explore with your hammock! You will find spots never before hung on.

Get the best views of the city from this vast area.

Check out a fellow hammocker enjoying his view: @delmar.clarke on Instagram!

Brooklyn Bridge Hammock NYC

3. Van Cortlandt Park, North Bronx

Van Cortlandt Park

As the 4th largest park in New York, Cortlandt offers an abundance of healthy lifestyle activities to choose from! go hike, run on the cross country trails, play golf, or visit the historic House Museum!

Whether you’re looking for 188 acres of large oak trees and mesmerizing wild flowers, or whether you rather take 30 acres off and go down Croton Woods of 158 acres with a quietude of streams, and an orchestra of birds above your head, Cortlandt is the hammock enthusiast destination!

4. Eternal Flame Falls, Shale Creek Preserve

Eternal Flame

Spring time is a hammocker’s time to spring into action towards the Eternal Flame. The waterfall is equipped with a grotto base that emits a natural gas infinitely. Therefore, visitors must come equipped with a lighter to light of the gas, in case the flame is taking a water break. *Pun Intended*

Be ready with your light weight, easy traveler hammock and carefully take on the rocky, slippery, all-over exercise-of-the week 1.5 mile hike!

For those looking to cuddle up with nature directly, there are camping sites near the waterfall such as Sleepy Hollow Lake, and Cradle Beach.

Take on a new adventure this Spring, and go towards the light of the eternal flame, and if not lit, do it yourself!

6. Riverside Park

The perfect sunset spot to enjoy the view.

Riverside Hammock

With plenty of space for a unique way of ending the day. Riverside Park is a happy place for many; this beautiful article by the New York Times, truly shows the loves people have for this spot!

5. Lake Placid, Adirondack Park

Lake Placid

According to Tour-Adirondack ,Adirondack Park covers ⅕ of New York, being the largest protected area in the nation!

Explore the Adirondack Mountains and the vast amount of outdoor activities available for the family friendly environment or romantic getaway, all of which would be a lot more exciting on a hammock!

7. Your Own Home!

Hammock from home NYC

Take on the hammock lifestyle in your own home! Amidst the NYC chaos and hustle that we all love, a good hammock sesh on your rooftop or even in your living room can make everything that much easier to deal with.

Whether you’re chilling by yourself, or betting over who gets to lay on the hit spot of the house, a hammock with the skyline view, should never be out of the question!

It is very much appreciated that you’ve made it thus far into the article! Let us know your faves! From favorite hammocking spots, to favorite hammocks, to favorite snack on a hammock!

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