Lounging on Mountains: The 4 Best Places to Hammock in Colorado

Colorado: home of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Plateau and the Great Plains is rich with places to explore and hang your hammock.

Known for its beautiful mountains and forests, just about any road you turn on in Colorado will lead you to your new favorite hammock spot.

Below are just some of the most popular, but don’t let that keep you from straying off the beaten path and finding your own!

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

    Lounging on Mountains: The 3 Best Places to Hammock in Colorado

    I could write a whole article on places to hammock in this huge national park. Explore the different trails; depending on what side of the park you are on you could see moose and big meadows, tundra, waterfalls, and much more. Some of my personal favorites in RMNP include Glacier Gorge, and Alberta Falls, both beautiful sites you can hammock and explore around.

    If you’re an avid hiker, a common trail takes you from Glacier Gorge (past Alberta Falls) to Black Lake. Make sure you check the weather and dress accordingly because this 9.1 mile hike will take a while! Feel free to camp here too and bring your favorite camping hammock.

    “Rocky Mountain National Park is an absolutely magical place to be. I could sit there for hours and take in a natural beauty. Be sure to leave your phone behind” says Jake Hill, editor in chief of Wikilawn.com.

    2. Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods

      Lounging on Mountains: The 3 Best Places to Hammock in Colorado

      Also located in the Rocky Mountains, Pikes Peak looks 8,000 feet over Colorado Springs. You can hike up it and hang in your hammock along the way for a nice break before you get to this breathtaking view. While your around Pikes Peak, be sure to check out Garden of the Gods.

      Garden of the Gods consists of incredible rock formations and an activity playground. Hang your tree pod and take in the natural earth made art all around you! With a name like that, who could resist.

      3. Glenwood Canyon

      Lounging on Mountains: The 3 Best Places to Hammock in Colorado

      Hiking, fishing, kayaking and of course hanging in your hammock are just some of the exciting things to do at this cool Canyon. There’s also caves known as the Glenwood Caverns, made when the plate tectonics shifted lots of water and debris into the Canyon. Here you can check out the crystal clear Hanging Lake, the Grizzly Creek Trail that runs along Grizzly Creek and the No Name Trail, for those of you who love to go off the beaten path.

      4. Estes Park Trail

      Estes Park Colorado

      Estes Park sits 30 miles west of Loveland Colorado. Estes Park is the east entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. The town has funky shops, restaurants, at an elevation of Downtown Estes Park is around 7560 feet (2300 meters).

      Lake Estes is the major attraction in Estes Park itself. The loop trail around the lake allows for viewing the beautiful peaks that surround this area and taking in the fresh mountain air is rated a 3.9/5 on All trails.

      Any of these places are a great place to post up and nap on your hammock among the beautiful Colorado nature.

      Comment your favorites!

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