6 of The Most Incredible Places to Hang Your Hammock in Florida

From the Lone Star State we head over to the magnificent sunshine State…full of activities, sunshine, and life! Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, the Latin-American cultured Miami Jungle, picture-perfect lawns and Walt Disney World. However, today you’ll get the “in” on beautiful must-go-to hammocking locations, not even local Floridians know about! Check them out and comment on your favorite! The following spots should definitely get on your hammocking-radar ASAP!

1. Blue Springs

Blue Springs Florida

Welcome to crystal clear, 73 degrees St. Johns River with beautiful scenery, and a peak of a-day-in-the-life-of the ocean’s gentle giants! Blue Spring Park is a simple name but has nothing simple within it. If winter up North isn’t your thing, but a Winter in Florida is, you’re not alone! The manatees love the Blue Spring Park to enjoy the winter months. Whether you’re looking forward to hammock-camping, canoeing, swimming, scuba diving, hiking, or even all in one, the park offers a good dose of breath-taking views, trails, and campsites that you cannot miss!

2. Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs Florida

To get a grip of six springs on the Santa Fe river, in one, Ginnie Springs are your right hand! This is an adventurous diver’s delight! Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau dove said waters in 1974 and admired them for being “visibly forever” due to the transparency and beauty within. With an abundance of history from the Timucuan Indian preservations, and pre-European settlement, divers, to this day explore and find treasures from said time. Aside from diving and snorkeling, one can kayak, tube, paddle board, canoe with their favorite hammock and go down the six head spring in Ginnie! This is a great pot for individuals and families alike, whether it’s an adventurous full-day plan or a chill, sunny afternoon. Enjoy fellow nature-lovers!

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Scuba diving under our @tentsile campsite at Ginnie Springs!

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3. Ichetucknee State Park

Ichetucknee State Park

As if 6 springs in one park wasn’t enough, the Ichetucknee River holds 9 springs along its banks; Blue Hole, Cedar Bank, Ichetucknee, Singing, Roaring, Grassy Hole, Devil’s Eye (also along the Santa Fe River), Mill Pond, and the Coffee Springs. Surrounded by the 6 mile long Ichetucknee River, this park is popular for any relaxing, aquatic, and non-aquatic activity one could think of. For those sight-seeing, bird-enthusiast hammockers, round up a walk and potential hammock hang out sesh on the Florida Birding Trail. Kayaking or canoeing with your favorite hammock down the river, and stopping by any area or trail to hang your hammock and catch a tan is quite the plan.

4. Weeki Wachee

Weeki Wachee Springs

A touristy mermaid show is waiting for you at the Weeki Wachee Spring Park! Though not real mermaids, this park is known for its mermaid performances from the aquarium-like view of the springs, and its Buccaneer Bay Waterpark. However, there are glass-bottom boat tours, and additional activities that one can go about without finessing with all the touristy chaos. Private boat rentals, and the kayak and paddle boarding rental facility of Rent your Boat offer the hammocking escape your looking for!

5. Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve

Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve

This mind-capturing area of 110,000 acres divides into 5 different routes to explore! From 4,446 acres in the Withlacoochee Tract, to 51,149 acre, East tract. The Green Swamp Preserves are highlighted by their captivating cypress ponds and extravagant wildlife. Fellow hammockers, why not take on a hike along one or all the five tract options, set up your hammock and expand your hammocking horizons.

6. Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola

Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola

Big Lagoon State Park is a 704-acre Florida State Park located on the northwestern Florida coast.

The five locations are prime spots for a dreamy hammock get-away. From swims to hikes, Florida holds so much beautiful nature that I guarantee regardless of where you are! It will captivate your senses whether you’re hanging between two palm trees on a beach, spring or forest. You can download a park map here and be sure to checkout the springs and gardens.

Perhaps the largest concentration of freshwater springs on Earth, springs are purely and uniquely Florida.

What about you? Where have you explored in Florida?

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