California’s Top 5 Hammocking Spots from North to South!

Live the Golden Life!

What exactly is the golden life you ask?

The Golden Life is indulging all of your senses within the beauty, adventure, and sunshine that California has to offer. And what better way to indulge yourself in the golden life, than by hanging on a Hammock Town hammock?!

Go against the force of gravity as you hammock on heavenly lakes, beaches, waterfalls and pure tree-wonderland!

Northern Cali


California's Top 5 Hammocking Spots

  • If lava, clear blue water, and history call your attention, then the Modoc is your go-to! Hammocking is a hobby that can be taken anywhere thanks to the variety of hammocks that Hammock Town offers. You get over 20 campsites to choose from at the northeastern Modoc Forest!
  • Get close to the Lava Bed National Monument! This lava trip is a different kind of adventure but Modoc Forest allows you to pass the monument on your way to the Howards Gulch campsite.
  • The Blue Ridge campsite is the trendy one. With clear deep blue water perfect for canoeing surrounded by an abundance of trees, its oxygen heaven! Central Cali


California Top 5 Hammocking Spots- Yosemite

  • With over 10 hiking trails that cover over 800 miles, Yosemite National Park is a hammocking hiker’s Disney! Trails leading to mirrored lakes, beautiful landscapes, and extraordinary waterfalls, lead to ideal hammocking locations.
  • Not only does one get calorie-burning hikes and breathtaking scenery through all the trails, but canoeing in the campground is also breathtaking! The Sunrise High Sierra Campground, or the Yosemite Creek Campgrounds are perfect to hang one of our compact, easy to set-up camping hammocks!

California's Top 5 Hammocking Spots-Lake Tahoe

  • Sunsets and sunrises are automatically amped when you’re hangin’ on one of our hammocks here at HammockTown. However, catching a nice droop in our tree tent hammock with a nice glass of California wine, sets you up for a mesmerizing sunset and sunrise overlooking the water. What’s better than a glass of wine as you hang with mother nature!? You’ll never want to go home!

Southern Cali


California's Top 5 Hammocking Spots- Angeles Forest

  • Let go of the downtown L.A glam and hop on the Angeles Crest Highway! This leads to a beautiful forested street-view that lets you keep up with your L.A tan by hanging on your Treble Hammock on any beautiful, golden day!


California's Top 5 Hammocking Spots- Malibu Creek

  • Driving to this majestic 25 mile creek, gets you an all day exclusive on your favorite HammockTown hammock. You get to hang in any pair of trees from any of the 14 trails offered. The remarkable climate changes that have molded this landscape into be the hammocking, hikers paradise it is today, created all the trails and paths, Hike your way down the trails and find a place where fishing and camping are plenty, and with a super light-weight camping hammock, the options are endless.

What spots make YOU fall in love with hammocking in the Golden State of California?!

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