Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Tent Review

If you haven’t discovered this Hammock Tent you are in for a treat. At $199.99 it’s one of the most economical tent hammocks on the market.// From average hikers to US Navy seals veterans weighing in at 4.25 lbs (1.92 kg) the Lawson Hammock Tent can support someone that is 6′ 3″ (190 cm) and up to 250 lbs (113 kg) comfortably. Founded in 1997 by outdoor enthusiasts who needed a tent that was lightweight, weatherproof, durable and tough, adaptable to all terrain and had a low toll on the environment. Owner Wes Johnson is proud share the Lawson with thousands of outdoor adventurers in over 25 countries. It’s no wonder this Hammock Tent is rated #1 by Backpacker & Outside Magazines. hammock tent reviews If you are ready to buy this Hammock Tent, find it on Hammock Town for $199.99 and FREE Shipping. lawson hammock tent review Hammock Camping With Dogshammock tent camping Hammock Tent in The Snowlawson hammock tent boat Hammock Tent On A Boat!tent hammock Hammock Tent on the groundlawson hammock tents Hammock Tent Camping In Californialawson hammock Lawson Hammock Quality Materialshammock camping Hammock Camping in The Wilderness with The Hammock Tentlawson hammock tent reviews The World Is Your Oysterblue ridge camping hammock tent Hammock Tent Above Streamhammock tent review Hammocking All Over The Worldhammock tent lawson Hammock Tenting and Bikinghammock camping tents Gorgeous Day For Freediving and sleeping in a hammock tent[/caption] Watch a great 15 minute video review of the Lawson Hammock Tent being put together. The folks from Lawson Hammock kindly put together assembly instructions which should only take a few minutes once you’ve found hammockable trees. lawson hammock tent Your Hammock Tent already comes with:

  • Hammock with Collapsed Spreader Bars
  • Arch Poles
  • Rainfly/Tarp

hammock tent assembly At each end of the unrolled hammock, join spreader bar halves. Make sure ropes are not tangled or twisted. Check all knots on ropes attached to hammock bed for tightness. Ropes may stretch with use, requiring occasional re-tightening. hammock tents Hang hammock between two trees or sturdy upright objects using Tree Huggers (sold on our website) or rope/webbing as shown. Attach hanging rope at hammock end loop with a bowline or other strong knot, and wrap rope at least once around tree before reattaching to hammock end loop with another bowline (see detail above). NOTE: Tie 3–4’ off ground, keeping rope & hammock taut. blue ridge camping hammock tent Once hammock is hung, fit together the two shock-corded aluminum arch poles and slide one through each sleeve on top of hammock. Insert end of each pole through grommet as shown (detail A). Attach snap hooks on elastic cords at ends of hammock to tops of arch poles (detail B). Shorten elastic if necessary to keep canopy tight. camping hammock tent To use rainfly, extend over hammock, attaching hooks at each end to hammock end loops (detail A). Attach snap hooks at rainfly corners to adjacent hammock ropes (B). Fit elastic loops on rainfly sides around bottoms of arch poles (C). Attach Velcro tabs on rainfly sides to Velcro tabs on hammock bottom. Rainfly will appear loose when hammock is empty. If tightening is necessary, attach snap hooks from B farther in on hammock ropes, or knot elastic cord from A. Rather do a BIVY setup? Follow the above instructions but do not hang, (#2). Instead, use stakes to stretch & secure both ends of hammock to ground as shown. Continue with steps #3–4. hammock tent instructions

Additional notes for #HammockSafety:

  • Always open net door completely before entering. Sit in the middle of the hammock with both feet on ground. Carefully swing feet in and lie down. Reverse steps to exit. Never step or jump in.
  • The bowline knots recommended for tying your hammock ropes tighten with use, but may be slightly loose when hammock is new or hasn’t been used recently. Before you enter the hammock, always check knots and tighten ropes as necessary.
  • One person at a time in the hammock — weight limit 250 lbs.
  • Don’t leave children unattended in the hammock. This is not a toy; children should use the hammock only with adult supervision.
  • Keep hammock away from fire or flame. Parts of the hammock have been treated with fire retardant, but the hammock & rainfly will burn if kept in contact with flame or high heat source.
  • If using the hammock in colder temperatures, attach the rain fly to help contain body heat. For added insulation, secure a sleeping bag or emergency blanket to the hammock floor.
  • To protect trees, wrap your hanging rope around several times

Caring for your Hammock Tent:

  • Your Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has been seam sealed, and the rainfly, buffer zone and bottom are urethane coated. Check every season that the seams are still sealed; apply additional sealer if necessary. Seam sealing is made easier by hanging the hammock to reach all inside seams. Be sure to liberally coat all areas of higher stress, such as the head and foot of hammock.
  • Before putting away, be sure that both the hammock and rainfly are dry and free of debris. Store in a dry place away from heat. Do not store on concrete, which contains chemicals that can harm the hammock fabric and its finish.
  • Avoid contact with substances that can compromise the fabric & coating, such as solvents, hair & insect spray, fruit juices, etc.
  • To clean, hand wash with mild soap and rinse well with clean water. Do not use strong detergents or wash in a machine.
  • Lubricate the zipper with silicone if necessary. Do not attempt to force a jammed zipper — this could ruin the zipper tab as well as the fabric. Keep the tab clean and free of dirt or sand.
  • If the taffeta should rip, use a rip-stop repair tape to patch. Seam sealer will close small holes. Discontinue use if grommets come out — hammock bed could rip.
  • Do not hang gear from, sit on, or otherwise add weight or stress to the spreader bars, as they may break.

Download a PDF copy of the Lawson Hammock Tent Assembly Instructions

Hammock Tent 1 Year Warranty form Lawson Hammock Company

Lawson Hammock Co. warrants to the original purchaser that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship for the period of one (1) year from date of purchase. The product must be ret urned, freight prepaid, and with proof of the date of purchase, to the Lawson Hammock dealer from whom this product was purchased or to the Lawson Hammock Co., 1217 Pierce Street, Raleigh NC 27605 USA. If after inspection we find that the product was defective in material or workmanship we shall at our option either repair or replace it without charge. We are not responsible for normal wear and tear or for defects caused by accident, abuse, alteration, misuse, or improper care. There are no other express warranties beyond the terms of this limited warranty. In no event shall any implied warranties, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, extend beyond the duration of the express warranty contained herein. In no event shall Lawson Hammock Co. be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Some States do not allow limitations on how long an implied war ranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. If the pictures and previous video weren’t enough, here is a 27 minute video put on by Backpack Hiker reviewing the Hammock.

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