Looking for Trees?? 5 Best Places to Hang Your Hammock in Nebraska

by Rachel Robinson April 17, 2018 0 Comments

5 Best Places to Hammock in Nebraska

Visiting Nebraskawith your favorite hammock and worried you won’t find anywhere great to hang?

Look no further. Although, the Great Plains and the Sandhills, neither known for their plethora of trees, make up part of Nebraska, there are still many great places to hang your hammock, filled with all sorts of trees to pick from. 

Pioneers Park Nature Center

5 Best Places to Hammock in Nebraska

This Nature Center gives you the chance to experience everything Nebraska has to offer. Walk through the prairie, check out the bird garden or animal exhibit, see the woodlands or the wetlands and hang your hammock in the thick of Nebraska nature. Explore through 8 miles of trails through all of Nebraska’s different habitats that will take you past elk, deer and maybe even bison!

Post up your hammock and let the animals find you. 

Fontenelle Forest

5 Best Places to Hammock in Nebraska

Let’s get lost. Grab your favorite person, your favorite two person hammockand get lost in this beautiful forest. Similar to Pioneers Park, and much of Nebraska, you don’t have to go far to experience all different types of ecosystems. Forests, prairies and wetlands all in a couple miles sounds like the perfect date for you adventure enthusiasts. Pretty close to downtown Omaha, you won’t have to go far to escape from the real world.

Chadron State Park

5 Best Places to Hammock in Nebraska

Chadronis in the Nebraskan National Forest and is full of places to hammock. Covered with pine trees, and hiking trails, this park looks so beautiful! They have cabins and camping sites available and lots of things to fill your time when you’re not hiking or napping in your hammock.Why go anywhere else?

Fort Niobrara Wilderness Area and Nature Trail

5 Best Places to Hammock in Nebraska

If you’ve read my other articles, you know I’m a sucker for waterfalls. So naturally, this part of Fort Niobrara looks most appealing to me. Hike the short .9 mile trail to the base of Fort Falls, and do some hammock yoga in this yoga hammock. The sound of the falls in the background will give you the perfect mediation music. Continue the trail around the river and back up to your car. Fort Niobrara also offers fishing, hunting and lots of wildlife observing opportunities that you can check out while there.

Indian Cave

5 Top Places to Hang Your Hammock in Nebraska

Indian Cave is home of a huge sandstone cave in the middle of the park. Check out the cave, explore the hiking trails around the Missouri River and hang your hammock on the beautiful trees (come in the Fall to see the colorful leaves falling on your hammock) next to the river. Deer, beavers, and lots of birds are just some of the animals you’ll catch sight of from the comfort of your hanging pod.


Comment your favorites below! 

Rachel Robinson
Rachel Robinson

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