The Lightest & Most Portable Hammock Stand by YOBO hammocks

Update Jan 1, 2020: Many have reached out asking about information on how to buy Yobo lightweight hammock stands. As of now, the company still has a live Kickstarter, but is not selling to the public.

Here are four amazing, lightweight hammock stands picked and tested by our team to purchase instead.

Introducing the most lightweight portable Hammock Stand by YOBO Hammock Stands. The hammock stand you’ve always wanted on your hiking adventures.

1 Hammock Stand Specs:

  • Max Load: 300LBS
  • Stand Weight: 32.4oz
  • Tarp Extension Weight – 4oz
  • Hang Height (Floor to Loop) – 130cm
  • Assembled Height: 132.25cm – 180.25
  • Assembled Width (At Base): 67.5cm
  • Storage Length: 51cm
  • Storage Width: 8cm

YOBO hammock stands are lightweight, portable, easy to store, and are crafted from the highest quality materials, provided by DAC and Lawson Outdoor Equipment, to ensure outstanding strength and durability. The YOBO hammock stand allows you to easily set up your hammock anytime, anywhere. portable hammock stand A YOBO hammock stand gives you the freedom to set up your hammock without having to worry about finding suitable trees to anchor your hammock to. The YOBO hammock stand is the perfect accessory for camping, tailgating, music festivals, beaches, or any other activity where you want to utilize your hammock. The YOBO hammocks stand patent pending hub, milled from solid aluminum, provides a sturdy anchor point for your hammock, and will not slip or collapse during use. Yobo Hammock Stand Setup The YOBO hammock stand’s legs are crafted from high-quality, above aircraft-grade aluminum provided by DAC. DAC is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly aluminum tent poles, stakes, and tarp extensions that are durable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. The YOBO hammock stand’s 2.5mm, reflective iron wire cordage is being custom designed by Lawson Outdoor Equipment and will come in YOBO yellow. yobo hammocks stand These high-quality materials put the YOBO hammock stand above the competition and give our stand unparalleled strength and durability in a lightweight package. portable hammock stands All YOBO hammock stands have a black anodized finish and are made to stand up to the rigors of heavy use. The spiked legs of the YOBO hammock stand provide stability on uneven ground and will ensure that your hammock always hangs at a desirable level without the worry of slippage. The top ring of the YOBO hammock stand is milled from solid aluminum, providing reliability and durability in a lightweight design. portable hammock stand kickstarter The Yobo Hammock Stand comes with (4) four J-Stakes by DAC, a camping accessory company dedicated to producing high-quality aluminum camping accessories in an environmentally friendly way. Each stake is 29.8 cm in length and is crafted from high-quality TH72M-T6 aluminum for outstanding strength and durability in a lightweight package. Each stake has a hole in the top for added security during windy conditions, and notches located on the top and middle to ensure excellent grip for your cordage. portable hammock stand yobo

Poles by DAC

The YOBO Hammock Stand’s DA17 poles are also provided by DAC. The DA17 poles arose from a need for larger diameter poles that could still stand up to the stresses of camping. Each pole is made from an aluminum alloy that was researched and developed by DAC to be lightweight, durable, and able to withstand even the most strenuous conditions. Each pole has a shock cord running through its body for easy assembly, packing, and management. portable hammock stand

Cordage by Lawson

We are thrilled to be working with Lawson, a leader in durable cordage, and are excited to announce that the YOBO Hammock Stand will be utilizing custom cordage designed specifically for us. This 2.5 mm cordage, known as iron wire, will come in custom YOBO Yellow, and is designed to be durable, lightweight and reflective. With this cordage, you will never have to worry about an unwanted break. portable hammock stand_

Tarp Extension by DAC

The optional tarp extension is also made from the same high-quality DA17 aluminum as our poles. The tarp extension is designed with durability in mind, and is an excellent addition for those campers looking to get a little more versatility out of their YOBO Hammock Stand. The environmentally friendly anodized aluminum will ensure that your tarp stays put and keeps you dry. Support YOBO Hamnmocks on Kickstarter.

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