Introducing the World's most Versatile Tree Tent the Sunda by Kammok

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A hammock, a 3 season tent & a hybrid tree tent! Introducing the most technologically advanced hammock tent on the market via Kammok. Feast your eyes on the Sunda

Most Versatile Tree Tent-Sunda

It's not easy matching variable landscapes with the changing needs of your daytime, nighttime, and weekend adventures, so Kammok's created a product that does everything.

  • Your best-in-class tent
  • All-in-one camping hammock
  • Ultra-light shelter
  • Minimalist hammock

Most Versatile Tree Tent In Existence


The Sunda Tree Tent stands alone as a best-in-class, freestanding 2(+) person tent.

Stretching to 8 feet 4 inches long and 4 feet 2 inches wide, tent mode boasts 35 square feet of the most livable space of any tent in its category. Built with cutting-edge, ultra-durable fabrics and constructed with time-perfected production techniques, the Sunda outlasts and under-weighs comparable tents.


The Sunda doesn’t stop as a ground dweller. Modeled after the Sunda Flying Lemur, this tent transforms and goes aerial, converting to a one-person, all-in-one hammock shelter.

sunda flying lemur

Elevate your hammock camping experience, rest your back on a cloud, and let the night swing you to sleep.


Using Sunda’s fly, poles and footprint to create an on-the-go ultralight sanctuary. Fly Light™ mode acts as an ultra-lightweight portable shelter to save pack weight in circumstances not requiring insect protection. Fly Light™ mode opens new opportunities for use as a pool-side beach shade, park picnic shelter, hammock festival VIP hangout, and more.


In hammock only mode, you can have the Sunda mesh hang underneath for easy ‘lounge mode’ access. Let your hammock homies share your Sunda’s Fly Light™ ultralight shelter as you take your hammock nap.


Tree Tent: Anywhere Anytime



So Much Room For Activities!

sunda-hammock-tent-kammok A Tree Tent with room for 2 + all your gear, dogs and or kids! The Sunda™ offers 35 square feet of vast interior hammocking space.

Huge Hammock  Antechambers

2 large vestibules & crawl-thru doors give you and your companion the benefit of 6.25 square feet (12.5 square feet total) of dry storage space for gear, and easy access to both tent doors.

As Harry Potter Says... Lumos!

The Sunda Tree Tent sports Light Enhancing Technology. Lumos™ is a light enhancing fabric that enhances the performance a small lantern or flashlight.


Heat Reflecting: Traditional tent fabric provides little protection against infrared (IR) and visible light (VL) rays from the sun. IR rays pass through fabric and become trapped in the tent, making the inside of your tent a solar heated sauna. Lumos significantly reflects and blocks both IR and VL rays from the sun and provides a cooler tent interior. If sleeping-in is your jam, if you don’t prefer your tent to double as a greenhouse, if you want to skip the sauna and choose a cooler option, Lumos buys you more comfort from the sun’s radiant heat. diffuser-pockets

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Luiz Cent
Luiz Cent

Luiz Cent is an avid hammocker, hiker, and adventurer. He's traveled across 3 continents surfing and hanging hammocks, including Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia and all across the United States.

You can check out more of Luiz's pictures on Instagram @LuizCent or visit his eCommerce Blog.

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