Tree Tents That Will Transform Family Camping Into A Fun Activity

Camping is a fun activity because it creates bonding. There are many types of tents that you can use. However, you need to consider a lot of things when you go out for camping like the climate, the vegetation, and the terrain. Hanging tree tents have become popular over the last few years. Tree tent offers the convenience of being portable, and you can hang them anywhere in the forest. They are also very comfortable to sleep in since you are not lying down on the ground. Tree tents come in all shapes and sizes. Some are expensive while others are affordable. Here are nine tree tents that your kids will enjoy.

Our Favorite Tree Tents

1.Cocoon Tree Tent

Cacoon Tree Tent

The spherical shaped suspension tent is ideal for a modern day camping. The fun shape is highly appealing to kids. It has a water-resistant membrane and an aluminum frame. It is very comfortable and, you can use it anywhere. You can also suspend it on its adaptable “feet.” The shelter has a zip-up door. This tent’s price on the higher side and it is highly durable.

2.Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is a combination of a hammock, a tent, and a tree tent. It has a mesh top to allow in light, air and prevent bugs. The setup time for this tree tent is three minutes. The kids can have fun in this spacious and comfortable to set up a tent. You can buy this tent for your kids to use while basking at the beach. The mesh will keep the mosquitoes away.

3.Flite Tree Tent by Tentsile

Flite+ Tree Tent Dark Grey: Tentsile

The Flite Tree tent is the ultimate light camping tent for those going for an adventure in the wild. The shelter is spacious with two doors and a mesh top. The mesh allows the users to view stars and breathtaking views from the tent. It can be set up in ten minutes. There are two sets up options. You can suspend it on trees. Otherwise, it can be pegged to the ground and create a shaded area for eating or entertaining.

Our Favorite- Camping Hammock

4.Tree Pod Hanging Tree House

TreePod Hanging Backyard Tree House: Tangerine

This pod-like tree tent is fantastic for camping. It is also affordable. The shelter itis made of a nylon fabric that has a water repellent film. Also, there is a UV coating that protects the tent dwellers from sun rays. The tree pod has zip up doors made with high-quality material. It is spacious and can accommodate two adults comfortably. The Tree-Pod has to be secured an all the hanging point to ensure that it is safe. It is easy to assemble and simple to use.


TreePee Tent

The TreePee tent design looks like that of a Teepee. It is a hanging Teepee with pyramid shapes which also looks impressive. The base of a TreePee is a trampoline which is fun for kids. It is easy to assemble; UV protected, has inside pocket storage, and can be zipped from the inside. The TreePee has meshed windows to allow light and air circulation while preventing bugs from getting in. The tent comes in a variety of bright and fun colors.

6.Cacoon Suspending Hammocks

Bonsai Cacoon Hammock for Kids in Green

Cacoon Hammocks much look similar to TreePees except they are conical in shape. They can easily fit two adults and several kids. They are easily portable and easy to set up. A Cacoon Hammock can be suspended in trees making it easy to create a private space for kids during camping.

7.Connect Tree Tent by Tensile

Connect Tree Tent: Forest Green: Tentsile

As the name suggests, the connect tree tent can be attached to other shelters to create a mega-shelter. It has a hammock for the base and a mesh top. The accommodation has four doors and multipurpose flysheets. The flysheets act as the roofing of the tree tent. It can be detached so that owners can enjoy a breathtaking view. The flysheets can create a camping base below the tree tent.

8.Raindrop Tree Tent

Raindrop Tree Tent

As the name suggests, the tree tent has the shape of a raindrop or teardrop. It can be set up easily on treetops. This tent is very fun for kids because it sways among the tree branches. Kids are bound to love the motion. The shelter has a steel frame for support, a hardwood sleeping platform, and a mattress. The tent can accommodate 2-3 adults and 5-6 children. The design of the sleeping tent is practical for being hanged on tree branches without causing any damage.

9.Luminair Spherical Tree Tents

Luminair Spherical Tree Tents

The tent is made to meet marine grade standards. It comes in jungle green which camouflages well in forests. The sphere tree tent is highly durable, water resistant and has an insulation layer. The interior is cozy with a wooden platform. The frame is of steel and assembling it without the use of any tools is easy. You can create different ways of access like rope ladders, rope bridges or steps. It is expensive, but the cost is worth it because of the durability and quality of the tent.

Camping with kids is a lot of fun. It is, however, vital to follow the instructions of setting up the Tree Tents. Ensure all the hanging points are secure at sturdy branches or tree trunks. You can consider going shopping for a tree tent with your children to get their opinion. Most tree tents are light and portable making them ideal when you go camping with kids. The idea of being suspended can give kids a sense of security especially those scared of crawling insects.

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