The 3 Largest Hammocks in the World & 1 Of Them is Available For Sale!

The hammock market is an incredible place to be in right now. Hammocks have history, they’ve been around for centuries yet continue to see innovations. Either as large scale advertising campaigns and hammock flash mobs, more folks are hammocking than ever before.

In this post we aren’t concerned with how many hammocks but rather how large. In this instance bigger is better.

Behold the 3 largest hammocks in the world:

1. 65 foot by 31 foot hammock in New Jersey

largest hammock in the world

The Video game company King Digital Entertainment is behind the 65-foot-by-31-foot hammock, and they installed it as a promotional gimmick to acquire new customers and draw publicity.

The Hammock Claimed the Guinness World Record title of World’s Largest Hammock. It’s located in Jersey City, New Jersey, across the river from Manhattan, and it is reportedly big enough to hold 170 humans lying side by side. @caitschneider

2. 42 Foot Long Hammock in North Carolina

largest hammock in the world

Before the massive 65 foot hammock you saw in New Jersey the world record had been held by a hammock in Point Harbor, North Carolina at 42 feet long.

Located in mainland North Carolina just before passing over the Albemarle Sound on the Wright Memorial Bridge, the world’s largest hammock stood to remind people to relax and to rejoice the coastline of the gorgeous Eastern side of the USA.

largest hammock in the world

The record breaking hammock was woven from 10,000+ feet of rope and spans 42 feet. Before it closed down road trippers could stop for a group nap in the hammock.

This hammock can hold up to 8000 lbs, so it’s a hammock party.

3. 21ft x 12ft Portable Hammock That Could Be In Your BackYard

largest hammock on the market

Now the largest hammock available on the market launching on IndoGogo has already raised $10,000 and is 100% funded with 12 days to go. Back the Largest Hammock on the Market Today.

The team at Flying Squirrel Outfitters has been crafting fair trade hammocks for over 2 years in Thailand

largest hammock for sale

For $65 you can get the worlds largest hammock + straps (30% discount compared to normal retail)

Traveling to Colombia? Also check out the hammock in the sky.

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