The 2021 Hammock Holiday Gift Guide

We know. Gift-shopping is the worst. Even if you enjoy shopping for presents for the people you like (or love), it can still be insanely difficult to find the right gift that’s worth the money. Just think about all those subpar presents you’ve re-gifted over the years—you don’t want that to be the same fate of your well-picked gifts, do you? Of course, you don’t. It makes you a little sad.

So to avoid going down history as the worst gift-giver ever (we all know one), we compiled a handy little gift guide for you. Because everyone loves the gift of a good hang. Everyone.

Gifts for the Home Decor Diva

We all know a female whose home is impeccable. We’re talking trendy furnishings, timeless classics, and magazine-worthy rooms. These women are what we like to call home decor divas, and while pleasing an HDD come to Christmastime sounds like a tall task, it can be pretty easy if you take our advice.

Instead of trying to match her home style or buy clutter that will make her cringe, buy the HDD something just as beautiful as it is unique.

The FlowerHouse Hanging Egg Chair makes a sleek patio addition that will have her neighbors brewing with jealousy.

FlowerHouse Hanging Pumpkin Chair

The Globo Royal Hanging Chair may be a bit of a splurge, but it will hit the mark for “best gift ever” long after this holiday season has passed. With its beautiful design and comfortable cushions begging for you to take a nap, this chair is a piece that will have the Home Decor Diva will flipping out. We’ve even had customers replace their couch with this unique piece. ?:@just.a.val

Globo Royal Hanging Chair: Natural White with Soft Cushion

The unique glass bubble swing chair is perfect for outdoor and indoor spaces use, such as a backyard terrace, a porch, a solarium or a patio, a living room or an outdoor bar.

Glass Bubble Chair

Chic, comfortable, and stylish, the Coba Handmade Mexican Mayan Hammock will delight anyone with an eye for aesthetics. This fair-trade product will also side well with those who care about supporting Mayan women artisans and their families.

Warimba Coba Hammock

Gifts for the Adventure Junkie

The hardcore camper may sound like a tough person to shop for, so it’s no wonder you’re on a hammock website. Hammocks, after all, are pretty much golden gifts for any camping connoisseur. You really can’t go wrong with a durable, well-made hammock fit for the adventurer on your list.

These flying Tree Tents are will make any adventure enthusiast soar with excitement, as they float suspended between trees in the wilderness.

Tentsile Tree Tents For Sale

The Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock is especially great for hikers who need to catch some Z’s mid-mountain. It’s designed for tough terrain where a tent can’t be pitched, so it sits above the ground with safety and comfort. A total win for any outdoorsman/woman.

Hammock Tent by Lawson Hammock

The Tentsile Tree Tents are another great option for adventure seekers—some of these options include three-person tents that can easily be an awesome group or couple gift.

Gifts for the Classic Camper

The Classic Camper is different from the Adventure Junkie in that the CC is a little more on the recreational side when it comes to camping and spending time outdoors. While the Adventure Junkie lives and breathes dangerous pursuits, the Classic Camper prefers to be a little more relaxed about their outdoor shenanigans. And for this person, we have the classic hammocks that are forever-people-pleasers.

Not only are ENO Hammocks simple, but they’re affordable, too. They are great starter hammocks for the person who camps once a year, and they come in a variety of colorways for easy personalization depending on the recipient.

Eno Hammock For Sale

The Go Camping Hammock 2.0 is another best-selling product that doesn’t hurt the wallet too much. This hammock is amazingly comfortable and includes a built-in structural ridgeline that sets the sag of the hammock for maximum comfort every time.

GO Camping Hammock 2.0 with Built-in Mosquito Net

If you are looking for some serious savings with the same quality Twisted Root Hammocks will provide the best bang for your buck.

Twisted Root Hammock Twisted Double Hammock

To sweeten the gift, you can always include some essential hammock accessories. Hammock underquilts are smart buys that allow your hammocker to camp out in all seasons—they insulate the bottom of the hammock for warmth and comfort.

Gifts for the Hammocker Who Has Too Many Hammocks

Sometimes we get too carried away with how much we love hammocks that we go overboard. While the team at Hammock Town believes there’s no such thing as too many hammocks, we do understand that other people may beg to differ. And for those people, the best thing you can do is to support their hammock addiction. Buy them hammock-related clothing, accessories, and other gifts that will go great with their hammock collection.

For the ladies, we offer two stylish tank tops. The “Into the Hammock Night” tank features a bevy of fun colors to choose from and a stylish nighttime mountainscape printed on the front.

The other is a cool “Hammock Head” tank that’s perfect for the female hammockers truly addicted to hammocking.

For dudes, our “Hammock Head” t-shirts are a hit. They fit great and offer a unique design (the same as the one on our ladies’ HH tank) that everyone will fall in love with. Trust us on this one.

Gifts for the Ultimate Chiller

Chillers are arguably the best types of people on the planet. They don’t complain; they go with the flow; they’re down for anything. They’re chillers. And they deserve the coolest, comfiest hammock to chill in. These are our picks.

The Single Cocoon Hammock is ideal for a singular chiller to hang out in—with plenty of colors, you can choose the best one for your recipient’s taste. We even offer a great video showing how to set it up.

Cacoon Hammock

Layback Co Hammocks are made for ultimate chillers, they are comfortable, feature unique patterns and even have chill as part of their brand name, now just Layback.

Layback Hammock

Brazilian Hammocks will be the ultimate slumber party for your chill friend who loves comfy naps. Made to be a bed replacement of sorts, Brazilian hammocks are woven with extra attention to detail and provide seriously awesome sleeping quarters. Plus, there are so many colorful and stylish designs to choose from for the perfect gift.

Lastly, a TreePod portable treehouse will make the best gift for someone who doesn’t need to go far for a camping experience. They can set up the TreePod right in their backyard for a relaxing getaway. It’s super fun for kids and adults alike, making it foolproof buy for the fun-loving chillers on your list.

TreePod Hanging Backyard Tree House

We told you we had you covered in the gift-giving department this year. Ready to start shopping? Make sure you snag your free $10.00 credit before you buy! Enjoy your hammoc—er, holidays!

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