Discover Levitat The Unique Aerial Yoga Hammock

What is your hammock company’s name?


Levitat Yoga Hammock

What made you want to start a hammock company?

“Our inspiration for Levitat came from practicing stand-up paddle surfing (SUP) yoga and being able to simply have fun and unplug from the norm,” said Enoc Armengol, creator and co-founder of Levitat.

“Our aerial mat simulates the constant unbalance you feel while on the water, but the beauty of Levitat is it can be used nearly anywhere, and it’s light and portable as a hammock

Levitat Yoga Hammock

Levitat Yoga Hammock

Like SUP yoga, Armengol says Levitat Yoga Hammocks allows yogis to maximize their core training while allowing them to ‘feel’ when their yoga position is correct or incorrect.

“Levitat also offers a great way for surfers, climbers and other athletes and sports enthusiasts a way to strengthen and tone for other sports,” Armengol said. “Our aerial mat provides an innovative way to get a full-body workout anywhere and everywhere.”

Levitat Yoga Hammock

How is your hammock company different than other hammock companies like Tentsile?

Levitat is not just for relaxing. It can also be used as a levitating fitness mat to add new core strength and difficulty to exercises!

Beyond being used as a hammock, Levitat can also offer yogis a new way to challenge themselves and focus more, improve core strength and balance through cross training, and allow users to take mindfulness to a higher level of absolute peace and comfort.

Levitat Aerial Mats are specially designed to be passive (relax, lay, sleep like a Tentsile or ENO) but also designed for active training (workout, balance, yoga, core strength). The mat’s distance from every side of the inner hexagon allows for the practice of yoga, pilates, functional training, etc. It doesn’t have zippers etc in the middle that will create friction on your body.

The whole structure has been optimized to be the lightest weight possible while offering maximum tension for laying & training.

We are the first company in the world to have created an indoor / outdoor frame to hold a 3 point suspended hammock.

Levitat Yoga Hammock

What is your favorite thing about the hammocks you make?

Our aerial mat simulates the constant unbalance you feel while on the water, but the beauty of Levitat is it can be used nearly anywhere, and it’s light and portable.

Levitat Yoga Hammock

Are your hammocks made for indoors or outdoors?

Both, but primarily outdoors

Levitat Yoga Hammock

What accessories do your hammocks come with?

We offer metallic stands, travel bags, hanging nets to store your gear and more. We are constantly developing new accessories and ideas based on what our community would enjoy!

Levitat Yoga Hammock

How heavy are your hammocks and how much weight can they hold?

The maximum weight the aerial mat can hold is 350 kg (772 lbs.). This is approximately 3 adults with their gear.

Levitat Yoga Hammock

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Check us out on Kickstarter with only 48 hours left we’ve raised over $100,000.

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