How to Hang Your Hammock [So Easy a Bear Can Do It]

You’ve got your hammock already right?

Now all you need to do is learn how to hang it! If you’re a seasoned hammock hanger, you might think that this is a silly post.

But remember that you, too, were once a hammock newbie. And we want to welcome as many hammock enthusiasts as possible into our tribe, so this post is for those who are curious how to properly hang their hammocks.

Especially since there are plenty of places to hang a hammock (in your bedroom, on a balcony, between two trees…), we’d hate for you to have a mishap when all you’re tryin’ to do is hang out.

Basically, hanging your hammock has two simple steps, no matter where you’re putting it: First, make sure you’ve got enough height and distance to hang your hammock. You can also use Derek Hanson’s, Hammock Hang Calculator, choose how you will be hanging it. There are a variety of hanging methods such as straps, hardware, and a hammock stand, and we’ll go over these below. hammock hang calculator

Step 1: Determining the Right Height and Distance to Hang Your Hammock

When you’re putting up your hammock, you’ll want to take into account a few different factors as as they relate to weight and force. Don’t worry–we’re not here to nerd out on science mumbo jumbo with you. We’ll make this as simple as possible, because it’s simple in nature. Let’s say you’re going camping, and you want to hang your hammock between two trees. You’ll first want to take into account your “Hammock Ridgeline Length,” which is a fancy term we in the hammock community use to define the length of your hammock from one end to the other. You will obviously want the distance between the trees to be longer than your Hammock Ridgeline Length, and you will need to factor in the height and length of your hanging tools as well. wife hammocking In this example, you’ll probably be using hammock tree straps, so make sure you put them high enough on the trees to allow your hammock to hang at your desired height (usually chair-level for casual hangouts). However, you’ll also need to remember, for safety reasons, that the tighter you pull your hammock, the more tension there will be on the ropes. Generally speaking, hanging loose is always a smart idea to avoid any disasters, especially if you want to hang a hammock from the wall or ceiling. A hanging angle of about 30 degrees is ideal, but don’t get too hung up (heh, heh) on getting it exactly right. The more you go hammocking, the better you get at eyeballing the right height and distance for your hammock to sag at this sweet spot.

Step 2: Choosing Your Hammock Hanging Method

There are a few different methods to hang your hammock, depending on what you’re using your hammock for.

Hammock Tree Straps vs Rope

As mentioned above, if you’re camping, tree straps are super-simple to use for this purpose. Strong rope is a very effective alternative to straps. One of the best parts about using tree straps or rope is that your hanging distance is easily adjustable. Not only that, but they are totally lightweight, making them ideal for backpacking. Low-tech and high-performance, straps and ropes are your hang-anywhere must-haves.

Hammock Hanging Hardware

Hanging hardware is for the hammock you want to hang permanently, such as a bed-replacement hammock or one suspended from the ceiling. To do this, you’ll need two sturdy wall anchors such as j-hooks. You’ll then need about 1.5 feet of metal chain and two s-hooks. Just by sliding the s-hooks up and down the chain, you’ll be able to adjust the hammock tension, ensuring you always get the perfect hang.

// Hammock Stand Alright, lazy. For a casual poolside hammock that requires virtually no work from you, the hammock stand is your savior. Some of our hammocks even come equipped with a stand, providing you with a righteous ready-to-chill experience. You’re welcome. cyrus van hammocking

// Have any other questions about hanging your hammock? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can give you some pointers. Happy hammock hanging!

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