How To Hang a Hammock Without Trees

by Luiz Cent November 03, 2019

How To Hang a Hammock Without Trees

Traditionally, hammocks are usually strung or hung between trees. However, you don’t need to have trees in your yard for you to be able to enjoy these exciting tools. What you need are just two strong points that will enable you to tie off the ends of the hammocks. You can install your hammock supports that will be able to serve you the same way as trees. When installing your hammock, you should always hang it low enough to prevent any injury in case it falls.

In the absence of trees, you can hung your hammock in the following simple way:

Posts in Concrete

Set 5 inch by 5 inch fence posts in concrete for you to be able to mimic trees. The height of the fence posts should not be a problem to you. You can use the height you like as long as the fence posts are a height that is enough to hold your hammock above the ground. The distance between your fence posts should be a few feet more than the length of your hammock. You can use a spacing distance of about 18 feet if you find it difficult to get a suitable space distance. The extra length of the posts goes in the ground, it usually has a layer of gravel on the bottom and the posts is then surrounded by concrete. For you to be able to construct this, dig about 13 inch wide holes to the depth and about 4 inches for the gravel. The digging can be done using a power auger or a shovel. Adding gravel in the bottom of the hole is important as it helps in water drainage. You should always use ready to mix concrete when making fence posts and make sure you follow the recommendations and directions of the manufacturer. Once you have set your posts and your concrete is cured, you can then tie up your hammock at your preferred height.

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Porch Posts

You can also use a front porch together with sturdy posts in providing built-support for your hammock as long as the distance between your posts is not greater than 18 feet and your posts are in a place you can use the tool more safely. When you put a hammock between posts across a porch railing, you are not safe. This is due to the fact that, if the hammock falls, you could sustain injuries by landing on the railing. You should always use posts that have no railing between and those that are set between corners. You should then slip the resistant leather with the tie off hooks around your posts and then hold your hammock safely without damaging your posts. You can also use heavy duty eye bolt by mounting them on the posts.

Hammock Frame

Lack of trees in some areas has resulted into the invention of hammock frames. There various kinds of hammock frames. They are usually of different styles and are made of metal or wood. Regardless of the material used in making the frame, they are all deigned to hold it anywhere you want to put your frame. The frames have two supporting rails that are long and sit parallel on the ground. Usually, the ends of the hammock frame turn up and then stop at your most preferred height to hang the hammock. The frames may have hooks or eye bolts at the ends for use in tying the hammock. Most hammock frames are usually portable and are usually easy to set up. We knew we missed some other ways to hang your hammock without tress and decided to ask some of our friends from the Hammock Camping Community. They came up with some phenomenal suggestions.

Hammock Camping Community Suggestions for Hanging Hammocks Without Tress

Turtle Dog Stands -Chris
  • Tripod type stands
  • Roof racks on vehicles (Be careful. Not all roof racks are structurally sound enough to hang from)
  • Really anywhere
-Jeremy TATO Gear Folding Hammock Stand Kit -Christopher All these methods are viable ways to #JustHangIt
Luiz Cent
Luiz Cent