Top 19 Hanging Chairs & Hammocks of 2022 [reviews]

Now that we’re in 2022, we are seeing some drastic shifts in design trends. Instead of focusing on minimalist styles and neutral colors, people are starting to look for interesting textures, natural materials, fascinating shapes, and fun colors in their furniture. These overall trends are also affecting the hammock industry.

If you want to make your home look stylish with a new hanging chair or need to spice up your camping setup with a hammock, here are 19 amazing options for you to choose from.

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1. Macrame Hanging Chair

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019

Get a boho vibe with this style of woven hammock. It makes for a fun and comfy chair in a living room, or you can add it to an outdoor space to turn any patio corner into a relaxation nook. A big reason that macrame hanging chairs are becoming so trendy is its versatility. The woven rope and dangling tassels give an eclectic vibe that pairs well with southwestern or Moroccan decor, yet the soft, neutral color and low profile also work in minimalist homes.

If you’re looking for a lounger that fits more than one, this is a great option for you.

Outdoor hanging chairs have been stylish for a while, but a new trend that is picking up a lot of interest is hanging patio chairs meant for two. With a hefty wicker loveseat supported by a sturdy aluminum frame, you can cuddle up with a loved one while you enjoy afternoon sunshine or a winter fire. Woven ratan and wicker styles have always been popular due to their organic feel, and this resin construction lets you get a stylish wicker look with a sturdier, weatherproof material The teardrop shape is a classic style that looks good just about anywhere, and the plush cushion makes it as comfortable as a chair you’re going to find anywhere.

3. Dubai Collection Wicker

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
Perfect for outdoor use, this is one of the best styles of hammocks for sale that seats two people. The soft padding and raised arms let you snuggle into this comfortable chair. Hung on sturdy metal chains, you can gently sway back and forth with the breeze. The light color palette used for the wicker and cushions is particularly trendy right now because it pairs well with pastels, other neutral, and even bright colors. The ultimate lounge chair.

4. Connect Tree Tent

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
Skip the hassle of having to bring along a heavy tent on your next hike. A hammock tree tent can be easily installed anywhere with two or more supports. One of the many reasons that tree tents are on track to replace traditional tents is the fact that the soft bottom is far more comfortable to sleep on than a hard forest floor. With the option of just sleeping under an insect-resistant mesh or a waterproof rainfly, you can be comfortable in all sorts of weather.

5. Island Gale Dubai

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
Extra large hammock chairs like this are on trend for 2020 due to their soft, organic look and their versatility. Lean back in this hanging egg chair by yourself when you want to relax outside, or scoot over to make room for a partner. The wicker back and sides provide comfortable shade, yet they also have plenty of airholes to keep you cool.

6. Sorbs bassinet

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
Macrame bassinets are becoming a trendy replacement for the old fashioned cradle. Thanks to the gentle rocking motion, you can easily lull your baby to sleep. The ability to adjust the height to a level you prefer lets you put your baby to bed without pulling out your back. Of course, it is very practical, but a lot of the reason for this trend is also the looks. The macrame like hanging with a bleached rope has a fun and quirky look.

7. Outdoor macrame swing

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
Some of the best loungers are chair style hammocks that let you get up in the air and swing without having to lay back like a traditional hammock. The wide back on this type of macrame chair is supportive and comfortable while the woven net bottom has some slight give and softness. The light beige hues of a macrame swing add a touch of lightness and airness to your garden or porch. So ditch the old wooden porch swing and upgrade with an outdoor macrame swing, you won’t regret it.

8. Boho Chic

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
The boho chic hanging chair style was starting to become popular last year, and it is really kicking off for 2019. A wide seat base allows you to sit cross legged or straight, and it is sturdy enough to accommodate people of many sizes. With a gently rounded shape, this type of hammock cocoons you and creates a cozy feel. It is cute enough to function as an unconventional chair inside, and the material is also strong enough to withstand outdoor weather.

9. Lawson

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
camping hammock tent is a comfortable option when you are in places where you cannot pitch a tent. The ability to hang it nice and high allows you to be safe up off the ground and catch cooling breezes. This type of tent is getting a lot of attention from people camping near riverways, lakes, and oceans since it helps you to stay dry all night long. With netting tight enough to keep out all bugs and the option of adding a waterproof fly, hammock tents are incredibly useful.

10. Hanging Rope

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
Hanging hammock chairs have a relaxed and bohemian look that is definitely on trend for 2020. The combination of natural cotton, handwoven rope, and bleached wood creates a very naturalistic silhouette. This style of hammock is far more flexible than hanging swing chairs, so it will conform to your body as you sit in it. This multifunctional hammock trend can be displayed on your patio, in your child’s bedroom, in a living room corner, or on an outdoor tree.

11. Sorbus Brazilian Hammock

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
Soft fabric Brazilian hammocks are popular due to their versatility and convenience. This style of hammock can be hung from just about any support, and you can fold it up and take it with you when camping, visiting the beach, or going on vacation. With a colorful striped pattern, this hammock adds a fun party atmosphere wherever you hang it up. The cocoon style hammock will wrap around you to help you feel secure and shield you from sun and cold.

12. Modway Abata Outdoor Patio Swing

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
This egg shaped patio swing stands out from many of the other chair hammocks for sale because of its unusual texture, making an excellent addition to your patio furniture. The rustic woven wicker has a geometric and unplanned shape that provides a quirky touch. Thanks to the large stand, you do not have to find a place to hang the chair from a ceiling or branch. It can easily be set up in any open space along your outdoor patio.

13. TreePod

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
Half tent and half hammock, this fun trend is essentially a tiny hanging cabana. It folds up easily, so you can collapse it and move it around as needed. The heavy duty canvas walls give both shade and privacy, creating a relaxing enclosure big enough to curl up inside. Use it as a forest retreat or turn it into a reading nook in your home. Bright attractive shades like aqua give a cheerful and whimsical look to this hanging daybed.

14. Bubble Hanging Chair

Bubble Hanging Chair
This type of chair is part of the 60s retro modernism that is so trendy lately. You get to give your home a little midcentury flair and enjoy a modern and futuristic look with a hanging bubble chair. This classic, clear dome shape turns a simple hammock chair into a work of art. With its sleek shape and crystal clear coloring, it can blend into a variety of home decor styles. Thanks to the gently curved back, you can sink into this chair comfortably whenever you want.

15. HugglePod

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
Hammock trends in 2020 are not just for adults. There has been a huge upsurge in crafting creative play spaces for children to enjoy. A hugglepod design gives your child their own unique space to nap, play, and imagine all sorts of things. Hang it on a tree for a fun play space in the garden, or put one in the corner of your child’s bedroom to give them a space away from noisy siblings. Thick cushioning inside of the hugglepod even makes it a comfy place for a child to nap.

16. Wooden Hammock

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
A growing interest in natural looking materials means that soft canvas and wooden hammocks are going to become more common this year. The pleasantly curved arcs of the hammock stand have plenty of dramatic flair while the soft canvas fabric is subtly elegant. Set it up by your pool or in your backyard to create a place where you and your friends can relax. With the wide, rectangular design of this hammock, you can fit multiple people on it.

17. Handmade Hammock Chair

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
As interior design trends move away from stark minimalism, more elaborate hammock designs are becoming trendy. This type of beautifully woven hammock swing chair has a deep fringe and a fun pattern that make it stand out. When you hang this in your home or on a porch, it has a very bold visual impact. Another reason this type of chair is trending is its curving shape. This hammock chair swing can easily support your back as you relax in a variety of positions. If a chair swing and a hammock had a baby that was perfect for relaxing, this would be it.

18. Double Cacoon

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019
This style of hammock definitely deserves a spot on any best hammocks list due to its unique concept. It manages to blend the practicality of tent hammocks with the comfort of hammock chairs. A cone shaped wall around the top of the hammock provides shelter from the elements, and you can easily crawl in and out through the oval door. Orange is the most popular color now due to a 2019 interest in burnt orange and soft terracotta shades, though you can pick other colors like green, grey, beige, or blue to match your decor.

19. Globo Hammock

Top 19 Hammocks & Hanging Chair Predictions for 2019 One of the most unique trends of the year is the round wooden globo chair, which many describe as ‘the ultimate lounge chair’. This chair has a spherical shape similar to vintage bubble chairs, yet it uses more natural weather resistant materials like those found in many trendy furniture pieces right now. The end result is a chair that looks like a work of art from every angle. Of course, its good looks alone are not the only reason people are excited about the chair. It’s also generating interest due to the cozy feeling of encircling pillows inside.

Throughout the new year, you are likely to see these styles popping up more and more. You can expect to see a lot of truly unique hammocks in homes, on lawns, or at campsites. Selecting one of these styles will let you get the newest trends before they even hit the mainstream hammock stores.

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