11 Animals that Hammock Harder Than You [GIFS]

by Luiz Cent October 15, 2017 0 Comments

So you think you hammock hard? Well probably not as hard as these adorable animals do or you would be GIF worthy. Perhaps you thought you've seen it all but we have a treat for you: Cats, Dogs, Donkeys, Sloths, Squirrels, Orangutans and Bears in hammocks oh My! Check out these 11 animals hammocking like it's their job.

1. I've got this cat hammock for two, and I want to share it with you. Meow 😻.

hammock cats

2. In just 4 months this adorable kitten becomes a pro hammocker. Now it did take a bit of work to get there!

Hammocking Cat

3. This kitty is in hammock heaven!

kitten in hammock

4. Adorable Baby Orangutan saying naww this hammock is mine, find your own hammock dude.

Baby Orangutan in hammock

5. Have you ever seen a happier orangutan?

monkey in hammock

6. When you are just trying to chill and someone messes with you in your hammock. Naw bro.

dogs hammocking

7. I'm too sexy for my hammock. 🐶 😎cool dog in hammock

8. Just slothing around in my hammock.

sloth in a hammock

9. Squirrel!

squirrel in a hammock

10. Bears oh My! 🐻 hammock bears

11. Just donkeying around in my hammock.

donkey in a hammock

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Luiz Cent
Luiz Cent

Luiz Cent is an avid hammocker, hiker, and adventurer. He's traveled across 3 continents surfing and hanging hammocks, including Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia and all across the United States.

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