Great Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Their Pups

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Gift guides are plentiful, especially during the holidays, but what about gifts for those who love to romp in the wild? For those who love camping, hiking, or sightseeing in nature, including those who want to bring their furry friends with them, here is a list of helpful ideas for this festive season.


For the campers in your life, you can gift them a new tent for their adventures. Consider where campers usually travel and base the kind of tent you get them on that. If they go to cold and warm places, maybe a cotton tent is best as it retains heat well and is ventilated during warmer weather to keep the interior cool. If your camper likes backpacking or hiking, a nylon tent is not only inexpensive but lightweight while offering UV and weather resistance. If your friends have a pooch they love to bring with them, a doggy tent or even a dog bed for their journeys is a smart gift.

Camping with Dogs

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The most basic aspect of camping is having a decent first aid kit available. If your outdoorsy friends already have a good kit, getting some safety lights is a nice addition to their gear. A flashlight, headlamp, or lantern can all be useful to someone who will be outdoors in the evening and at night. If your friends have a canine traveling companion, a light that attaches to a dog’s collar can help them keep an eye on their furry friend when it’s dark. There is nothing more terrifying for a dog owner than the thought of losing their pup at night, so this gift idea is perfect for allaying fears and keeping their dog safe.


Like tents, there are a variety of backpacks that are useful for different kinds of endeavors. No matter if your outdoors person is a hiker, camper, or backpacker, a backpack designed for adventures is the perfect gift this holiday season. The longer the trip your friend likes to take, the larger the pack should be. A day hiker might need anything from 25-55 liters, depending on the time of year, while someone who enjoys camping for days at a time is going to need a pack that holds significantly more—up to 90 liters. If your hiking friends like to bring their dog, this can take up extra space in their own pack. Giving the gift of a doggy backpack can help ease the load your friend has to carry by spreading the burden out. This way, the pooch can carry its own food, water, and waste bags, leaving dog owners with extra room in their bag.

Camping Cooking Gear

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No one wants to carry a frying pan when going for a three-day camping trip. Collapsible and stackable cookware designed for campers is a great idea for a very useful gift. You can get utensils that are all-in-one (like a spork, but better). Don’t forget, if your friends bring their pooch, you can get them a collapsible doggy bowl, some of which even come with water carriers.


If your loved ones camp in colder climates, you can give them extra-warm socks to keep their toes comfortable as they sleep. If they are more of the hiking sort, there are socks that offer additional support that would make an excellent stocking stuffer. It’s easier to buy socks for someone over than, say, a new set of hiking boots, simply because you don’t have to ask for his or her shoe size (a dead giveaway this time of year). However, don’t overlook the idea of dog boots for pets who travel through rain and mud. Their paws are no more protected than our bare feet, so a pair of dog boots in harsher weather or environments can be a blessing to our furry friends.

Whether it is comfy socks for additional support, a light to go on a dog collar, or a better tent for new adventures this holiday season, your outdoorsy loved ones are sure to be taken care of. By getting a present for their canine companion, you can not only give the gift of convenience and comfort for their furry friend but also the gift of safety too.

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