Best Aerial Yoga Hammock Swings / Silks + Safety Tips

Aerial Yoga is one of the latest trends for exercising and well-being. It combines yoga poses with circus silk exercises, offering a fun full-body workout.

‘No time for reading? Here are our picks for the best Aerial Yoga Swings’

These are some of the benefits of Aerial Yoga Swings for your body and overall health:

  • It aligns, decompress and elongate your spine

  • Lowering back and neck pain

  • Helps improving flexibility

  • Helps reducing stress

  • Strenghtens muscles while also releasing tension

  • Increases blood circulation

  • During inversions it also increases blood flow in your head, contributing for better mental clarity and focus

You can use your aerial hammock swings and silks for:

  • aerial or anti-gravity yoga

  • aerial dance

  • aerial fitness or pilates

  • circus

  • meditation

  • fun

Most of them can be hang on different places*, like:

  • room ceiling
  • pull-up bar
  • beam
  • tree

*see hanging specifications for each model

Best Aerial Yoga Hammock Swings

Wellsem Elastic Aerial Pilates Yoga Hammock Swing 5.5 Yards Set

Wellsem Elastic Aerial Yoga Pilates Hammock Swing

Key features:

  • Wellsem Aerial Yoga Hammock is made from 5m length and 2.8m width of 40-denier Nylon Tricot fabric
  • Material: 100% nylon with stretch
  • Made from Certified Quality Material and Hardware
  • Two-way stretch: low stretch on Vertical direction (Length), high Stretch on Horizontal direction (Width)
  • Size: 5.5 yards x 3yards (5m x 2.8m)
  • Can comfortably hang in 2 to 3.5m height room
  • Adjustable length of hammock by fabric knot and daisy chain loop
  • Loading Capacity: 2000 lbs (900kg)

Packing content: 1 hammock + 2 daisy chains + 2 carabiners (certified for climbing standards)

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    F.Life Aerial Yoga Pilates Silk Swing Standard Kit

    F.Life Aerial Silks Standard Kit Pilates Yoga Flying Swing

    Key features:

    • Setup at home, outside or the studio
    • Versatile design – use as Aerial Silks as well as Aerial Yoga Hammock
    • 40 Denier Tricot weave fabric, 100% Nylon
    • Length: 10 yards (30ft) Width: 108in
    • Hanging height of 14.5ft on each side, Perfect for ceilings 8-13ft high
    • Certified high strenght hardware rigging
    • Easy to set up with color guides – Instructions for both the classic silk as well as the aerial hammock set up

    Packing content: 2 Steel Screw-lock carabiners (5620 lbf) + Rescue 8 / Descender (6744 lbf) + Mountaineering Swivel (7194 lbf) + Nylon Daisy Chains(5170lbf), 3 ft Long +Carrying bag.

    F.Life Aerial Silks Standard Kit Pilates Yoga Flying Swing

    Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Trapeze Kit

    Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Trapeze Kit

    Key features:

    • Studio quality silk nylon fabric – up to 600 lbs
    • Large wide (98″x59″)
    • Has double material layer in the middle part for maximum comfort.
    • Thick foam handles makes your aerial inversions more pleasant
    • BROAD INSTALLATION OPTIONS: With the help of 2×50″ hanging straps and exposed beam, you can install yoga swing trapeze on 10ft height.
    • 5 years warranty

    Packing content: Yoga Swing + 2 Durable Extension Straps + eBook (does not contain ceiling hooks, but they are ready to hang on trees or beams using the extension straps)

    Buy your Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Trapeze Now!

    Looking for other models? See our Aerial Yoga Collection here

    Safety and Hanging Tips

    • Better to buy certified materials, specially security gear

    • It should bear 4 to 5 times your weight

    • Do not use it with simple pointed eyebolts

    • If installing in the ceiling, prefer to use ceiling hooks

    • Verify with a qualified professional if your ceiling will bear the weight and what is the best hanging option

    • Your ceiling must be able to hold an extra potential 1,100+ lbs without being damaged

    • When hanging on beams, make sure it’s made of hardwood or steel

    • If hanging on trees, use only thick and sturdy branches

    Looking for something more relaxing to start practicing Hammock Meditation?

    Check our Hammock Meditation Practical Guide!

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