The Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock – Should You Trade Your Bed in for a Hammock?

Beds are overrated. So overrated, in fact, this particular Reddit user decided to forego the whole bed thing and instead sleeps in a hammock night after night.

Is he/she a genius?

Why yes, yes he/she is.

As he/she explains, sleeping in a hammock is, and I quote, “glorious.” For those skeptical about the benefits of sleeping in a hammock, let me break it down for you.

Sleeping in a hammock alleviates back pain

Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock

You know, that back pain you’ve accumulated after hours hunched over your laptop wandering down a rabbit hole on YouTube? The back pain that somehow jolted out of nowhere during your company’s very low-key softball game?

Yep, you can help all that pain simply by sleeping in a hammock. This very fancy spine doctor even says that sleeping in a hammock bed can help your back pain because it forces you to sleep on your back instead of your stomach, and sleeping on your back is the “ideal position.” Boom.

You get a deeper sleep in a hammock

Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock

If you have trouble staying in your slumber throughout the night, you might want to try a suspended snooze. According to a study explored in this article, the swinging motion of a hammock making people’s brains act differently while asleep… the good kind of different.

Basically, the study showed that the rocking motion aided in a deeper sleep and memory consolidation.

You fall asleep faster in a hammock

Hammock vs Bed

Got some insomnia? (Perhaps from those Hammock Town YouTube videos?)

Well, the same study mentioned above also proved that a hammock’s rocking motion also helped participants drift away to sleep quicker than those who were in regular beds. The researcher used the words “faster transition,” so let’s go with that.

What are the best hammocks to sleep in?

Sleeping in Hammocks

Great question, friend.

Camping Hammocks are the Reddit user’s sleeping hammock of choice.

cyrus van hammocking

Other hammocks that are great for sleeping are Brazilian hammocks. Neither of these styles will leave you with weird marks (like Mexican hammocks might), and neither uses spreader bars, either.

Hammocks with spreader bars are more likely to flip over, which is not ideal if you’re sleeping for a long period of time. Shoot for something that conforms more to your body, and you should be golden.

What about you? Would you trade your bed for a hammock?

Why not give it a shot, let us know how it goes in the comments!

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