The 9 Tree Tents Your Kids Want You To Invest In

luiAre you looking to give your little ones an exciting new adventure? Tree tents are the perfect way to satisfy their curious little minds.

‘At a Glance – Our top picks’

Whether they’re interested in only having fun or becoming future campers, there’s a wide variety of hanging tents to address their needs.

Nine Awesome Tree Tents for Your Kids

Just in case you’re unsure of which tree tents to get your children, we’ve compiled a list to guide you. Before buying one, there are some considerations you should take into account. These include:

  • The number of kids who’ll use it. This gives you a rough idea of the maximum weight the tree tent can hold.
  • The fabric used to manufacture it. Apart from being water resistant, some materials protect against UV light while still keeping their users comfortable.
  • Design and functionality options.
  • Affordability. Depending on quality, prices range from tens to hundreds of dollars.

Having considered these options, these are some of the best tree tents for your kids:

1. GARTIO Hanging Tree Tent for Kids

GARTIO Kids Hanging Tree Tent

Other than having a child-friendly design, this tree tent is also lightweight and remarkably easy to set up.

One of its quirky features is that it doesn’t require any tools to assemble. It’s also portable, making it a thoughtful addition to any camping, road trip, or outdoors fun you might go on as a family.

2. Hearthsong Hangout Special

HearthSong Cozy Posy HugglePod HangOut

Getting this tree tent for your kids solves two problems. It keeps them happy while conserving the environment.

The HearthSong tent is made from durable, 100% nylon canvas as well as imported materials. It also comes with a convenient metal ring for easy hanging. This means you can suspend it anywhere your kids want to relax, whether inside the house or outdoors.

3. HearthSong Sky Tent and Sky Dome Arched Stand Special

HearthSong Sky Tent and Sky Dome Arched Stand Special

This tree tent is incredibly easy to set up and take down. It comes with a steel quicklink, as well as heavy-duty webbing for stability. It’s also made with waterproof and UV repellent fabric to ensure your kids are protected. With a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs, this innovative tree tent ideal for multiple family members. HearthSong hanging sky tent is available without stand also.

4. HABA Expedition Kids Play Tent

HABA Expedition Kids Play Tent

Looking to engage in some much-needed family bonding? This tent is ideal for fun playtimes with your little ones because it’s spacious enough to fit the entire family.

To support its maximum 500 lbs weight, it’s made of finest cotton polyester blends and mesh and two flexible support rings. Other pleasant features are a comfortable cushion and a string of LED lights for maximum comfort.

5. BHORMS Kids Nest Hammock Swing Tree Tent

Kids Nest Hammock Swing Tree Tent

Give your kids the feeling of being distinguished guests in a castle with this tree tent. It’s simple, colorful design makes it an easy favorite. It’s also easy to hang and can be used anywhere in the house or outdoors. Your kids will fall in love with its beautiful portable nest design.

6. Vivere Cacoon Reto In Leaf Green

Vivere Cacoon Reto Tree Tent

Another great family-friendly tree tent with the ability to support up to 450 lbs. It comes with a cozy cacoon design for more reliable support. It’s durable cotton polyester fabric, and suspension metal chain is designed to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

7. Kids Outdoor Waterproof Tree Play Tent

Kids Outdoor Waterproof Tree Play Tent

Your kids will fall in love with this medieval themed tree tent. It’s perfect for light, fun activities such as picnics. This product is recommended for older kids above three years old due to some of its small pieces.

The tent is made from safe materials, so you don’t have to worry about any health-related side effects. We can’t think of a better tent for your little astronauts!

8. TopEva Waterproof Hanging Tree Tent Kids Sky Castle Paradise

TopEva Waterproof Hanging Tree Tent Kids Sky Castle Paradise with Led Decoration Lights

This durable hanging tree tent is available in bright, eye-catching blue, and pink colors. It’s made of heavy-duty, waterproof, and water resistant Anti-UV Oxford cloth.

Other accessories include flashing LED lights, cushy PVC cushion, reinforced metal ring for better suspension, and a hanger. The tent is also easy to hang, as well as being portable. It can also accommodate multiple kids for maximum fun.

9. Vivere Bonsai Cacoon

Double Cacoon Hanging Tent in Turquoise

The design of this elegant tree tent denotes simple sophistication. With its variety of beautiful colors and polyester and cotton fabric, it easily stands out in any setting.

With a maximum weight capacity of 440 lbs, it can comfortably support your kids as they have fun. A heavy duty, stainless aluminium ring gives it its beautiful shape. Its fabric is also treated with safe anti-mold and bacteria products, to make sure it keeps your children healthy while they relax.

Your Kids will be Spoilt for Choice

As their loving parent, you might have to make the final decision based on features that will adequately address all of their needs. Whichever option they pick though, they’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun playing in their tree tents.

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