7 Unique & Inexpensive Date Ideas – Hammock Edition

So, you swiped right.

You found someone equally as cool as you and want to go on a unique date with them. Or maybe it’s a special anniversary for you and your S.O., and you want to plan something different.

The only issue?

You can’t think of any date ideas that are fun yet romantic yet adventurous yet easy. Not that you have a lot of criteria or anything.

Don’t fret, we have good news for you dear hammock lover, there is not just one hammock date idea that will woo your lucky date, but there are seven awesome hammock dates that you can choose from for a most memorable moment.

We think you’re gonna love these Hammock Dates!

1. Beach Jam Hammock Sesh

beach hammock session

Live close enough to a shoreline?

Head out to the beach and find a pair of trees to hang your hammock(s) between. Then, bring a ukulele or guitar if you have one and delight your date to some fun melodies.

Everything is a little more romantic when you’re singing along to some tunes on the beach. ?:@thewildberry406

hammock date ideas

?: @LuizCent Bonus points if you catch the sunrise or sunset!

hammock date hammock town

2. Hammock Picnic Date

hammock date

Sure, picnic dates are great and all, but want to know what’s even better?

A picnic date suspended in the air. How to master the perfect hammock picnic date: get a hammock big enough for the both of you, pack up some tasty fruits and sandwich fixin’s into a cool basket, find a secluded spot, and bring some lanterns if you’re planning on sunset date.

You’ll definitely win date night with this super thoughtful idea.

?: @HammockLiving

outdoor date ideas//

3. Netflix ‘N Hammock

Venture outside the confines of your couch and take to your cozy hammock for some quality time spent binge-watching. Make sure your laptop has plenty of juice, then hang your hammock in a fun new spot where you can pick up WiFi or bring some DVDs if you want to go off the grid.

Movie night just got a whole lot cooler.

4. Hammock Hive Group Date

hammock town

Have some awesome hammocking friends?

Get the whole gang together for a big group date. Scope out a sweet spot in the woods to hang up a hammock hive and try to get everyone as close together as possible. You’ll have a great time hanging with everyone, and group get-togethers take a lot of pressure off a first or second date.//

5. Cozy Winter Hammock Cuddles

Tree Tent

If you want an excuse to get all snuggled up with your S.O. (not that you need one!), then plan an uber-cozy hammock date during the wintertime when the temperatures are dropping and body heat is a must.

Bring plenty of blankets and warm lights to amp up the romance and spend a toasty night hung in one of your favorite spots.

?:@lonebuffalophoto + @kellywlake

hammock cuddles ?:@lanerjohnson//

6. Spontaneous Hang

austin texas hammock

Keep things fun and light with a surprise hammock date. Get your special someone into the car and keep driving until you find a new, random spot that looks like an awesome hammock hang. The surprise element to this date idea will make it extra exciting and a moment the two of you will never forget!

7. Hike to Hammock

Hollywood Hammock Hike

Bring some activity to your date with a hike to a secluded spot near a creek or secret waterfall. Then, set up the hammock for a rewarding nap next to the soothing sounds of the water. This is a perfect daytime date that has lots of room for customization!

You can even combine this date with the picnic date for a full-out experience.

hammock town hammock date

Do you have a favorite hammock date you want to share?

Mention it in the comments and we’ll add it to the list! Hammock Tent on featured image is a Blue Ridge Camping Hammock.

Photo Credits: ?: @lonebuffalophoto, @thewildberry406, @hammockliving.

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