6 Dreamy Celebrities Living the Hammock Life

What kind of people are “hammock people?” Is there a certain type?

Do you have to be Layback Co Hammocks, easy going, and/or adventurous to enjoy the complete comfort that comes from swaying in a suspended piece of fabric hung in the location of your choice?

Do you have to be totally awesome to be a hammock fan? Well, being laidback, easy going, adventurous, and totally awesome sure do help, but those aren’t the only kinds of folks that make up the hammock community. Let us not forget about the rich and famous.

Yep, celebrities can be “hammock people” too.

We gathered some images of celebs hanging in hammocks so you can see that your favorite famous peeps indulge in the same exact relaxation that you do. Celebrities, they’re just like us! See if you can spot one of your favorite celebrities in a hammock below. You might be surprised who you see hangin’ loose.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal knows how to hang


Not all hammocks have to be hung between two palm trees on the beach, and this picture of Jake Gyllenhaal is a great reminder of that. Take your hammock to the woods and hang it above the ground–everyone’s doing it! (When we mean everyone, we mean Jake. And a lot of other people. But also Jake.)

2. Katy Perry & Diplo #HammockLove


This ‘California Girl’ has the hammock game on lock. She looks way too relaxed in this photo, but who can really blame her? That printed hammock looks perfect for an impromptu nap, and it looks like KP passed out mid-selfie. Impressive.

3. Tom Selleck Hamocking Hard


This is the moment we’ve been waiting for: Seeing young Tom Selleck’s mustache and a hammock in the same photo. Perhaps we’ve died and gone to Hammock Heaven. Honestly, the pineapple and Hawaiian shirt really bring this photo full-circle. Is it weird that we can’t look away?

4. Cameron Diaz (and bunnies love to hammock ?)


As if a picture of Cameron Diaz lying in a hammock wasn’t good enough, some absolute genius decided to bombard her with a bunch of bunnies to top it all off. So much yes. This picture is definitely a contender with Tom Selleck’s for our favorite celebrities in hammocks.

5. Anna Kendrick was made for hammocks


The Pitch Perfect star looks way too chillaxed in this hazy mirage-like hammock photo. That macrame hammock is the ultimate beach vacation accessory, and Anna Kendrick is really making us jealous because of how hard she’s lounging.

6. Beyonce Hammocking


Even Queen Bey has to take some time to relax. Running the pop music scene can be tiring, you know. Thankfully, a beachside hammock was there to give her some respite as she drifted away to sleep–probably dreaming about further world domination.

Feel like a celeb yet? Share your favorite hammock picture with us below in the comments!

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