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5 Outdoor Porch Swings You Won't Be Able To Live Without

by Audrey Hammocks July 16, 2019

5 Outdoor Porch Swings You Won't Be Able To Live Without

5 Outdoor Porch Swings You Won't be able to live without

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your exterior living spaces for the summer or looking to bolster your curb appeal in preparation to list your house for sale, the addition of a porch swing can offer a surprisingly affordable personal touch of comfort. Estimates vary, but one thing that’s agreed upon is that improving your home’s curb appeal through landscaping and exterior decorating projects can bump your potential resale value by as much as 12 percent. Today, our team has selected their five favorite porch swing options to give your exterior living space a warm, welcoming feel you won’t be able to resist.

1.Boho Chic Seat: Patio Macrame Hanging Hammock Chair

Macrame Hanging Hammock Chair with Pillows - Canvas White

When you want the character of your home to be established from first glance, a hand-tied macrame porch swing definitely makes a statement. Carefree and fun, classic and contemporary, macrame is among the trendier shabby chic styles. Choose accent pillows to match the accents on your home’s exterior to personalize this bohemian masterpiece of comfort. Seats like this one offer flexible placements – opt to secure it with appropriate hardware from one of the beautiful, strong beams on your porch, or hang it from a nearby tree with ease.

2.Bright, Playful and Portable: Hammock Hanging Rope Chair


Offering a pop of playful color, and a comfortable, structured seat, a hybrid hammock chair porch swing brings the fun to your front porch. You can add a contrasting throw for comfort on a chilly evening, or bask in the sun during the summer while the world spins by your yard. One bonus to this smaller-format for a porch swing is that you will enjoy having a porch swing you can switch from the front of your home to the back seating area with ease.

3.Understated and Conventional Comfort: Brazilian Hammock

Brazilian Double Hammock

There is little that evokes the feeling of nascent and comfort as much as nestling yourself in a traditional Brazilian hammock. Whether as a cozy cocoon for two or a secluded place for you to hide yourself in plain sight, a solid-surface hammock offers accessibility to friends and family of all ages – even the furry ones. A hammock such as this hanging from the exposed beams on your porch gives an air of effortless cool and calm, whatever the weather.

4.A Perch on the Porch: Cloak Rattan Swing Chair

Patio Swing Chair

For those seeking a porch swing with a birds’ eye view of the neighborhood, a stand-alone nest swing may fit the bill. The key advantage to a porch swing like this is that you’re able to relocate it around the porch, or to another area altogether, with relative ease. It needn’t be dismantled and reassembled, but can instead be moved with a little help from a friend or family member. Look for quality steel framing with durable fixtures, and be sure to find cushions featuring all-weather materials for maximum enjoyment on your porch perch.

5.Bold, Striped Statements: Quilted Hammock With Wood Stand

Montlake Reversible Double Hammock with Wood Stand

If you’re looking to make a real statement with your new porch swing, consider a free-standing hammock. Hammocks are available in a wide variety of materials and configurations, as previously stated. A luxury, hardwood stand can give your porch an exceptional style lift with fairly minimal effort on your part. Choose a striped or solid hammock, and a wood that tonally coordinates with your home’s finish for best impact.

The clever thing about incorporating a swing into your porch or patio redesign is that such a wide variety of swings exist, there’s something for every taste and decorative style available. Consider who will use your new porch swing, whether it will be a permanent or occasional fixture, and the overall architectural style of your home when selecting a swing. Opt for quality, weatherproof materials and professional installation where possible, though most porch swings can be put together and installed without hiring a contractor. Most of all, be prepared to really enjoy your time outdoors this summer.

Audrey Hammocks
Audrey Hammocks

Audrey Hammocks was born to adventure. When she isn't curating the best hanging chairs, hammock tents or swings she is trekking across the United States & the world looking for the perfect hammocking spot.

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