5 Extraordinary Places to Hang Your Cacoon Pod

So you’ve invested in a Cacoon Hammock, wise choice! You are on your way to getting some of the best rest in the world. Heck, you deserve it, you worked hard to get some lounge time. Should you feel adventurous and want to take your Cacoon Hammock outside the house here are 5 extraordinary places you can hammock at! If you haven’t yet invested in a Cacoon Hammock you should totally reconsider your relaxation tactics.

Hang your Cacoon Hammock Under a Bridge

Want to be a spectacle? Hang your Cacoon under a bridge and watch the befuddled stand-up paddle boarders and kayakers.

How did you get in there?!

luiz cacoon hammock

Hang your Cacoon Hammock At a Waterfall

Do go chasing waterfalls, play the Ukulele, go on adventures with friends. Our friends from ulio&jack named our hammocks as one of the 5 essentials for a mind hike and we quite agree!


Hang your Cacoon Hammock on an Elephant’s Truck

Before you call Peta, no elephants were harmed during this photoshoot.

cacoon hammock

Hang Your Cacoon Hammock on A Boat

While you are sailing around the Cacoon Hammock is a perfect companion to your ensure you are well relaxed. Hang it up on your boat attached to your sail, or Crow’s Nest to watch all your fellow mariners awe in jealousy.




Hang Your Cacoon Hammock at the Beach!

Want to stay protected from the sun? Cacoon Hammocks are treated with UV protection and will keep you cozy and safe once inside.

cacoon hammocks

Post a surf sesh it’s always nice to have a hammock to chill out in.

cacoon hammock

Should you want to let the sun in, you should take a look at the Songo Cacoon!

What about you? Have you hung your Cacoon at a crazy spot? If so share your picture in the comments!

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