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What is your hammock company’s name?

Treble Hammocks Inc.

Treble Hammock 2

What made you want to start a hammock company?

I have always really wanted to love hammocks I just haven’t been able to stay comfortable for more than 10 or 15 minutes in one. I have tried all the tricks. Maybe it’s my 290lbs, back surgeries, and clausterphobia that is making it tough, but none the less I still wanted to be comfortable in a hammock.

When I was a kid we used to make twine huts. We would take bailing twine and weave netlike platforms in between the trees. We would make multiple levels and then spend the night. It was awesome!

In July 2013 I went along with my two boys and the boy scouts backpacking into the high Uinta Mountains. I didn’t bring a tent or hammock. I brought twine and a tarp. My plan was to build a twine hut to sleep in. I wanted to be off the ground and perfectly comfortable. After working half the day on it, it only worked for a little while. My body weight slowly destroyed it (I guess I’m a lot bigger now than back in the day. Haha) but for a couple hours it was ergonomically glorious. I ended up sleeping on the ground under a big pine tree but, I came away with a determination to recreate that comfort. I wanted a quick and easy twine hut made of fabric that I could just anchor to the trees and be done.

Trebe Hammock 2

Three anchor points are easier to find than four so I chose to go with a triangle shape. The ah-ha moment came when I drew an interior line from one side to the other about where the knees would be positioned. This could be a strap to lift the knees and support the body in an ergonomic position.

Bam!!! I think I did it! I got so excited I took the boat cover off my boat and started cutting. I borrowed a sewing machine and you tubed a few sewing lessons. Next thing you know I was trying it out and it and the concept worked! Kinda…

I spent the next 7 months prototyping, field testing, fine tuning, and reading patents to make sure my idea was legit. This process was filled with ups and downs requiring all my courage and drive to get to a finished design worthy of my approval. When it was ready I filed for a patent and started a Kickstarter campaign which raised $24,000 in 36 days. It didn’t break any records but with that I got my first production run made.

treble hammock 2

I didn’t stop there. I have constantly been working on ways to improve the Treble Hammock experience. For the past year I have been field testing improvements and working with a world class designer and a manufacturing company that not only has 40 years of experience but they guarantee the highest quality, correct workmanship, and that it will be on time. It has been a lot of work getting the Treble Hammock to do everything I have wanted it to do but, I have to say it is dialed in and awesome! The design is complete and the manufacturing set up has been done. Now, I’m just hoping this Kickstarter will take off.

I love the Treble Hammock and the experiences I’ve had because of it. It is just so cool to be so comfortable in places I wouldn’t have been comfortable in otherwise. Being this comfortable allows you to really enjoy and appreciate your surroundings.

treble hammock 2

I can’t fully express how cool and fun it is to hear from others who have bought a Treble Hammock and experienced this for themselves. It’s just so cool…

Treble 2.0 Hammock

How is your hammock company different than other hammock companies like Tentsile?

The TREBLE Hammock is a three point hammock that provides ergonomic support. Set it up as a recliner for the day and a sleeper for the night. It also has a divider strap so you can share it without squishing into each other.

Treble 2.0

What is your favorite thing about the hammocks you make?

  1. Comfort – No hyperexted knees, no shoulder squeeze, no more cold butt syndrome.
  2. Versatility – recliner, sleeper, one or two person, easy to set up.
  3. Protection – Cover for rain, wind, and sun. Bug net for the bugs. Underquilt straps hold any blanket underneath for insulation.

Treble 2.0 Hammock Kickstarter

Are your hammocks made for indoors or outdoors?

Treble Hammocks are made to enjoy the great Outdoors!

Treble Hammock

What accessories do your hammocks come with?

Cover, Bugnet, Hammock Tree Straps, and Carry bag.

Treble Hammock 2.0

How heavy are your hammocks and how much weight can they hold?

The whole set up is 13lbs and holds up to 600lbs

Treble Hammock 2.0

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

The TREBLE HAMMOCK 2.0 is live on Kickstarter and has raised $8,000 with 43 days to go! For $285 you can be one of the lucky early birds to own a Treble 2.0 Hammock.

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