National Hammock Day 2017: Win $1,432.00+ in FREE Hammocks

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National Hammock Day

National Hammock Day is July 22nd 2017 and it's your chance to win FREE hammocks from Hammock Town and our participating Hammock Manufacturers.

We've held many contests in the past from Snapchat Contests to Instagram Contests but this is the hammock contest to rival them all! Previous years these contests have only been open to our USA customers and this year Hammock Town goes international opening this contest in Canada too! 

9 Winners will enjoy 9 different unique prizes, entering to win only takes a few second and the winners will be drawn at random.

The National Hammock Day Contest will run from July 15th - July 31st and the winners will be announced August 1st!

It's super simple to enter and the best part is you can enter multiple times giving you more chances to be selected randomly! 

National Hammock Day 2017

1st Place Prize by Warimba Hammocks  ($350.00) Coba Handmade Mexican Yucatan Hammock.

National Hammock Day

Warimba Hammocks are handcrafted by women artisans in Tulum Mexico. Fabiola the founder of Warimba Hammocks regularly puts on events in Miami Florida and the Wynwood Arts District to share the Hammock Love and she also raise awareness for the crazy political situation in Venezuela.

This is your chance to win a truly unique hand made hammock!

2nd Place Prize by Cacoon Hammocks USA ($250.00) Bonsai Cacoon Hammock: Sky Blue

National Hammock Day 2017

Cacoon hammocks are extraordinary, I've hung mine in some very interesting places and everytime I hang it up folks ask where they can discover a nest like this. Lucky for you, this is your chance to give the perfect hammock gift to a kid.

The Cacoon Bonsai is 3' 9" and holds up to 440lbs ideal for 1-3 small children to hang out in!

3rd Place Prize by Treble Hammocks ($229.00) Ergonomic 3 Point Hammock 

Treble Hammocks National Hammock Day

The Treble Hammock is the first hammock with a perfectly ergonomic support system. The hammock is made for adventure and weighs in at 8lbs including the hammock straps. 

Photo Credits @seattlestravels

4th Place Prize by Lawson Hammock ($199.00) Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

National Hammock Day

By far my favorite hammock for camping this Hammock Tent is second to none. I've used it at the music festival Euphoria in Austin, and traveled with this hammock tent across several states.

Sorry ladies and gents, Carley Thornhill is not included in this 4th place prize.

5th Place Prize by Hammock Town $100.00 Gift Card To Use On 

National Hammock Day July 22nd

Your gift card will be valid for 1 year and will work for any of the participating manufacturers in this contest. Warimba, Cacoon, Treble, Lawson Hammock, Byer of Maine, Coalatree, Twisted Root Hammocks, FSO Hammocks, Coalatree Hammocks.

6th Place Prize by Byer of Maine ($90.00) Barbados Single Brazilian Hammock

Brazilian Hammock

You'll love the comfort in this Brazilian Hammock by Byer of Maine. Made from 85% recycled cotton and 15% polyester, the Barbados is guaranteed to give you the most comfortable nap of your life. 

7th Place Prize(s) by Twisted Root Hammocks ($79.99) 

National Hammock Day Contest

This mosquito proof hammock weighs in at only 24.16 oz.(685g) and boasts a nice double size hammock size of 10' L x 4'8"W when stuffed in it's stuff sack it's only 9" x 4.25" x 4.25".

8th Place Prize by FSO Hammocks ($74.94) UltraLite Hammock 11oz: 100% Handmade/Fully Adjustable + Straps in Aqua/Blue

hammock day

Flying Squirrel Outfitters crafts handmade hammocks in Thailand. FSO hammocks are made with superior quality as they avoid mass factory production techniques.

  • 100% HANDCRAFTED - superior craftsmanship, supports high wages for women in Northern Thailand 
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The pouch isn't attached to the hammock and can slide along the body to adjust the size and your sitting position. You can create a hanging chair that allows you to sit more upright to more easily read or work on your cpu. 
  • PREMIUM CARABINERS: Smooth edges so no snags or damage to your hammock 
  • PORTABILITY: Carrying strap with a gear loop to easily attach to your pack and travel with 
  • WEBBING STRAPS: High quality 1" thick set of webbing straps come with every hammock. Each strap has 10 loops and doesn't require knots - easiest set up possible

9th Place Prize by Coalatree Hammocks: $59.98 MTN2CTY Travel Hammock $39.99 + Tree Hugger Straps ($19.99)

National Hammock Day

MTN2CTY Travel Hammock Specs:
  • Fits 2 People comfortably (450lb weight limit)
  • Comes ready to hammock with 2 ropes and 2
Luiz Cent
Luiz Cent

Luiz Cent is an avid hammocker, hiker, and adventurer. He's traveled across 3 continents surfing and hanging hammocks, including Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia and all across the United States.

You can check out more of Luiz's pictures on Instagram @LuizCent or visit his eCommerce Blog.

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