Interview with Carter Wilson from the Cal Poly Hammock Club

We are so thankful Carter Wilson took the time to answer some questions for us and anyone looking to start a hammock club on their campus! Carter is 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student at Cal Poly. Originally from Bonney Lake, WA. President and founder of Cal Poly Hammock Club as well as Vice President of Cal Poly Frame Builders. Carter enjoys Hammocking, hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, listening to music and plans to travel around Europe post graduation along with securing a mechanical design job, and of course he’ll continue hammocking as much as possible! You may also recognize Carter as the winner of ENO’s monthly photo contest from this fantastic photo below. Cal Poly Hammock Club

Hammock Club Interview

Q1. When were you founded?

Our official founding date (When we got recognized as a club) was on March 11th, but the whole process started back at the end of January beginning of February, but the idea came about back around September 2014.

Q2. If you founded your Hammock Club can you describe the process with Student Government? Easy/Hard?

It wasn’t terribly difficult, we struggled a little bit at the beginning trying to find an advisor for the club, but once we did he helped out a lot with the writing of our by laws. We submitted the by laws once and they got rejected/turned back to us pretty quickly. We revised them fairly quickly and got them approved the next time around. I think we were trying to be too overarching with them and that caused some liability issues with the school, so we made them a little more vague i guess and that worked out pretty well.

Q3. How Many Members?

We actually haven’t had our first official meeting so technically only have like 6 members, but I know of about 20 people who plan on joining after the first meeting and we anticipate around 75+ members to join by the end of the year.

Q4. What are all the different types of hammocks that your members own?

We have a variety of hammocks from ENO, Grand trunk, Kijaro, but ENO is definitely the most popular hammock of the members.

Q5. Can you hammock on campus?

As far as I know we are allowed to. No one has told us not to yet, but then again there are not a whole of great places in the main part of campus to hang. We like to go on the outskirts of campus and surrounding areas more and have never had any troubles.

Q6. Favorite Hangin’ Spots?

On campus we have a location called “The Architecture Graveyard” that has some cool old architecture projects that are pretty sweet to hang from. But my favorite spots are just anywhere in the oak trees on a hike up Bishop Peak. There are so many great places in SLO so its kind of hard to pick just one favorite spot.

Q7. Do you talk about Hammock Safety/Knots/Tree Safety?

Although we haven’t had our first official meeting yet we are definitely going to require all members to use tree straps and go through instructions on the proper way to set up and hang in a hammock. We have a little brochure that we will hand out to everyone that covers all the basics.

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